Best Greek Island Beaches | Best Beaches in the Peloponnese

UPDATED January 13, 2024 — Discover Greece like never before as seasoned travel writers from France, Greece, the UK and more unveil what they’ve found to be the very best Greek island beaches.

Explore the best beaches in the Peloponnese, renowned for their pristine beauty and timeless charm. From hidden gems to popular hotspots, these beaches promise an unforgettable Greek island experience.

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We’ve divided our top picks for best Greek island beaches by island groups. So go ahead, dive into the azure waters of secluded coves and stick your toes into sun-kissed sands!

Be inspired by their personal picks and detailed descriptions to plan your perfect Greek beach getaway.

1.) The Best Greek Island Beaches in the Dodecanese

The Dodecanese is a group of 12 larger plus 150 smaller Greek islands in the southeastern Aegean Sea, known for their rich history, architectural variety and sunny weather, including popular destinations such as Rhodes, Kos and Patmos.

Near Lipsi Island, Aspronisia Beach is a hidden gem

tiny white best Greek islands with small boat in its cove with turquoise waters streaming up to it
Aspronisia Beach near Lipsi Island has one of the best Greek island beaches | Photo by George Vergados

“Aspronisia Beach is a hidden gem tucked away close to the alluring Lipsi Island,” reveals photographer George Vergados.

“It is a small paradise of stunning beauty and tranquil ambiance. It is located on a rocky island and is part of a cluster of small islands near Lipsi and Patmos,” says the Greek travel content creator.

“Visitors will experience an incredible escape from the busy world at this lovely beach, which is only reachable by boat.

“The turquoise water at Aspronisia Beach is making a stunning contrast to the beach’s immaculate white pebbles. Visitors can enjoy the warm sun, take soothing dips in the enticing sea, or explore the underwater world by snorkeling or diving.

“Aspronisia Beach is a must-see for those looking for a true escape. You can reach Aspronisia Beach either by private boat or by taking a day boat cruise to the island complex of Aspronisia, Arkoi, Marathi and Makronisi from Lipsi, Patmos and Leros Islands,” George of  explains.

2.) Map of the Best Greek Island Beaches Including Best Beaches in the Peloponnese

3.) The Best Beaches in the Peloponnese

Although Peloponnese is not an island, some argue that since the construction of the Corinth Canal, the peninsula located in southern Greece is actually a manmade isle. Either way you look at it, these travel experts are bent on including their  picks for the best beaches in the Peloponnese.

Best Beaches in the Peloponnese: Gerolimenas

small stone building on remote pebbled beach with fishing boat on turquoise sea makes this one of the best beaches in the Peloponnese
Gerolimenas Beach was one of the most remote areas of Peloponnese until a road was built in the 1970s | Dani Leigh photo

“The tiny harbour of Gerolimenas is about as off the beaten path as you can get in Greece!” reveals the UK travel blogger Danielle Leigh.

“You can walk from one end of this traditional Greek fishing village in less than 10 minutes, but that’s what makes it so special!

“With a picturesque pebble beach, a handful of tavernas serving up the catch of the day, and a couple of stunning boutique hotels, Gerolimenas is well worth spending the night,” says the owner of Travelling Jezebel of her pick for the best beaches on the Peloponnese.

“Gerolimenas used to be one of the most remote areas of Peloponnese, and until the 70s, it could only be reached by boat! It is truly one of the Peloponnese Greece hidden gems.

“I stayed at Akrotainaritis, a cosy boutique hotel with wooden beams and floors, stone walls, and gorgeous sea views. I absolutely adored this place, and their onsite restaurant served up a really tasty lunch for us.

It’s a great mid-range option.

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Simos Beach on the Greek Island of Elafonisos Is a Best Beach in the Peloponnese

Samos Beach on Elafonisos | Photo by Chrisoula Manika

“Simos Beach is located on the Greek island of Elafonisos, a small island off the south coast of the Peloponnese. Simos is considered one of the best beaches to visit in Greece due to its white sand and turquoise waters,” explains blogger Chrysoula Manika.

“Simos Beach stretches for several kilometers and is divided into two parts: Megalos Simos and Mikros Simos, which are separated by a small hill.

“Megalos Simos is the larger of the two beaches and is ideal for swimming, sunbathing and relaxing. It is also a great spot for windsurfing and kitesurfing due to the strong winds that blow in the area,” says the Greek travel expert. 

“Mikros Simos, on the other hand, is a quieter beach, with fewer visitors and a more relaxed atmosphere. It is perfect for those who want to escape the crowds and enjoy some peace and quiet.

“One of the things that make Simos Beach so unique is its natural beauty. The beach is located in a protected area, and the surrounding landscape is unspoiled. Visitors can enjoy stunning views of the sea and the nearby islands, as well as the lush vegetation that covers the hillsides.

“There are several restaurants and cafes located along the beach, offering visitors a chance to enjoy some delicious Greek cuisine while taking in the beautiful views,” concludes Chrysoula, publisher of

You’ll Want to ‘Live Forever’ on Pantazi Beach – Messinian Mani, Greece

wine glass on reflective glass topped table shines golden from the sun setting on the horizon at one of the best beaches in the Peloponnese
Sunset over Pantazi Beach | Jackie Humphries Smith photo
Turquoise waters frame the pebble beach filled with thatched-roofed sun huts
People enjoy the sun-kissed Pantazi beach | Jackie Humphries Smith photo

“Pantazi Beach, its name stemming from the phrase, ‘live forever,’ beckons sun and sea enthusiasts as sea foam washes across the white sand and pebble beach. The crystal-clear water of Messinian Bay is a kaleidoscope of blue,” Jackie Humphries Smith of TravelnWrite reports.

“Decades-old almiriki trees – as Tamarix trees are called here — are scattered about this beach that lies between the fishing village of Agios Nikolaos and the hamlet of Agios Dimitrios on the Peloponnese coastline.

“Once an undeveloped favorite of locals, it is now a popular tourist destination as well. There’s a beach café on its north side and a beach bar on its south side. Both offer sunbeds for rent and table service during high season as well as food and drink,” says the American Expat in Greece.

“Standup paddle board and kayak rentals are also available during the summer season. It is a popular and non-regulated spot for campers to spend a night or two.

“On-street parking is available; it is within walking distance from both villages making this one of the best beaches in the Peloponnese,” says the Greek travel expert.

UNSTOPPABLE Stacey found this top-rated beach-front accommodation for you in Agios Nikolaos, only 1.8 KM from Pantazi Beach.

Voidokilia Beach, a true gem hidden in the Peloponnese region of Messinia

oddly-shaped beach at sunset picks up pink hues in the sand which sets off the turquoise waters below in the aerial view of one of the best beaches in the Peloponnese
Voidokilia Beach's unique shape resembles the Greek letter "omega" | Photo by Above Horizon on Unsplash

“Voidokilia Beach is a true gem located in the Peloponnese region of Messinia, Greece,” discloses Mónica Rodrigues Alves of Passporte No Bolso.

“Considered among the best beaches in the world, its unique shape resembles the Greek letter “omega,” forming a stunning semicircular bay that mesmerizes visitors with its natural beauty.

“The beach’s allure lies not only in its exquisite shape but also in its crystal-clear, turquoise waters, which remain calm and wave-free. As a result, Voidokilia Beach is a paradise for swimmers.

“Getting to this destination is an adventure in itself. Travelers can choose to arrive by car or bicycle, enjoying the scenic route that leads to this coastal haven,” she says.

“Alternatively, those who love a bit of exploration can opt for the walking trail that turns through the surrounding landscape, passing near the Chapel of the Prophet Elijah.

“Once there, visitors can indulge in a range of leisurely activities. Whether it’s swimming in the inviting waters, sunbathing on the soft, golden sands, or simply unwinding amidst the picturesque surroundings, Voidokilia Beach promises a blissful escape.

“Moreover, ample space and a serene ambiance make it an ideal spot to savor a delightful picnic with friends and family.

“Voidokilia Beach truly lives up to its reputation as one of the world’s finest, offering an unforgettable coastal experience that lingers in the hearts of those fortunate enough to visit,” concludes the travel pro about this world-class island, one of the best beaches in the Peloponnese.

UNSTOPPABLE Stacey says, “Consider staying at the fabulous Westin Resort, Costa Navarino as a launch pad for your Voidokilia Beach adventure.”

Kalamata Beach, One of the Best Beaches in the Peloponnese

3 women stand on pebbled beach with their back to the camera facing the setting sun, ship on water in the distance, trees lining the shady malecon
Travel bloggers enjoy the sunset on Kalamata Beach during TBEX conference | UNSTOPPABLE STacey photo

“The Kalamata Beach in Kalamata is one of the best beaches in the Peloponnese–and for good reasons!” says travel writer Stacey Wittig.

“Kalamata is one of the only major Greek metros with an adjacent beach. There is a long and fun malecón, strung with tavernas and eateries serving the regional fare where locals walk for exercise and socialization,” shares the travel expert.

“The crescent-shaped beach is a gathering spot for tourists and locals alike. And since it is so large, you won’t feel crowded.

“I accessed the beach from Grecotel Filoxenia Kalamata because that is where the travel bloggers conference I attended was located. I stayed at Hotel Fotini just up the hill, so Kalamata Beach was just a short walk away.

“Another great benefit to this beach is that you can fly right into nearby Kalamata airport,” concludes the travel tipper.

Limeni: A Fabulous Day on One of the Best Beaches in the Peloponnese

three white umbrellas line one of the best beaches in the Peloponnese with off-white pebbled sand beach and people enjoying the view of the turquoise waters
Limeni Beach is one of the best beaches in the Peloponnese | Sonja Holverson photo

“Deep blue skies contrasted with the dark clouds weaving in and out of the imposing Taygetus Massif that runs down the Mani peninsula in Peloponnese. I was staying so high up on the mountain at Filia’s house that at first, from the family taxi, I didn’t see Limeni village,” says travel writer Sonja Holverson of Lausanne, Switzerland.

“But once over the plateau and downward, there was no mistaking which tiny beach village was Limeni. At first, I saw the deep cobalt waters against the brilliance of the turquoise crystalline shoreline. Already a few people were swimming despite the May morning chill. Just this was enough to make it a fabulous beach day,” describes the co-founder of, who nominated Limeni as one of the best beaches in the Peloponnese.

“I was dropped off at the corner of the L-shaped pedestrian village. I could go left to the longer Dexameni pebbled beach or right, walking through the charming Mani-style stone houses and towers that are hotels, restaurants and tavernas. It was too early for lunch, so I went to the left and discovered the water sports shop loaded with equipment, kayaks, boards and a large terrace with tables and chairs.

Just down the beach walk

“Further down, the beach walk ends at Agios Sostis cemetery with a chapel and statue of Greece’s 19th-century independence national hero, Petrobeys Mavromichalis. He was born in Limeni and buried at this very chapel but honoured in all of Greece. I was starting to understand the well-deserved pride of the Maniots.

“Returning to the village, I noticed a few signs warning of turtles, so I thought since it was nesting season that we needed to protect them. Actually, I found out it’s the swimmers that need a bit of protection if they happen upon a nest.

“By then, it was lunchtime, so I wandered down the street to Kourmas Taverna, which my host, Filia, recommended.

I ordered what I thought sounded good when the waiter explained it: Saganaki Shrimp. It was delicious, with large prawns in the shell in a tomato sauce baked with feta cheese served with fresh mint. Just this …was enough to make it a fabulous beach day,” concludes the travel expert, who recommends staying at Filia’s House.

4.) Best Greek Island Beaches in the Kyklades / Cyclades Islands

The Cyclades is a captivating Greek island group in the Aegean Sea, known for its distinctive white and blue architecture, pristine beaches, vibrant nightlife and historical sites, including famous islands such as Santorini, Mykonos and Naxos.

Agios Prokopios on Naxos Is One of the Best Greek Island Beaches

close up up golden sand that runs along sapphire waters to a point on the horizon with the silhouette of a mountain in the distance
Golden sand makes Agios Prokopios one of the best Greek island beaches | Photo courtesy of A Taste for Travel

“The magical combination of sapphire sea, calm waters and 1.5 kilometres of golden sand makes Agios Prokopios one of the best beaches in Greece,” says travel and food writer Michele Peterson.

“Located on the western coastline of the island of Naxos, it’s sheltered from the meltemia, the powerful northerly winds that gust through the Cyclades in the summer.

“This makes it ideal for sunbathing, snorkeling and swimming. There’s a wide selection of beach clubs, tavernas and restaurants offering sunbeds for rent, so you can plan to stay the day,” discloses the publisher of A Taste for Travel.

“While Agios Prokopios is ideal for relaxing, there’s plenty to do for active travellers as well.

“One of the top things to do in Naxos is hiking the coastal trail from Agios Prokopios to still-wild Plaka beach, passing historic white-washed churches, quaint fishing ports, sand dunes and protected natural zones along the way.

“At sunset, many of the restaurants offer Happy Hour cocktails (try a Kitron cocktail made with the unique Naxian citrus liqueur) and drink specials.

“Be sure to stop by the Art Café overlooking the southern point of Agios Prokopios Beach. It features live jazz, bouzouki music and movies under the stars as part of its weekly schedule of events,” Michele tips off.

Vardia Beach on Folegandros: Best Greek Island Beaches in the Cyclades

Vardia Beach is not only one of the most beautiful beaches on Folegandros but one of the best Greece island beaches in the country,” says travel blogger Sky Fisher.
“It can be found about a 10-minute walk from the popular Chochlidia Beach, next to one of the ports where only a handful of boats can dock. From there, you need to walk up a small hill (which gives you an incredible lookout point) and then down to the beach.
“Vardia Beach is small, but that’s part of its beauty. It’s in a protected cove, so the water is calm and clear,” the publisher of Sky vs World describes.
“Some areas are a bit rocky, but you can easily find a sandy spot to walk in too. Chances are you’ll have the pristine beach all to yourself or at least share it with just a few other sunbathers. Small boats sometimes visit the bay as well. 
“And once you get your fill of sun, sand and salt water, you can easily return to the Chora or other parts of Folegandros on the local bus. Just check the schedule in advance, as it doesn’t run exactly every hour,” Sky reveals.
photo from above of sweeping beach, waves crashing on its curve and a red cliff sticking out into the turquoise waters amek this one of the best greek island beaches around
Vardia Beach in a protected cove on Folegandros Island | Sky Fisher photo

Best Greek Island Beaches: Sarakiniko Beach in Milos

woman with dark tan stands on small point of white rock that jets out into azure blue seas while sunbathers on the distant shore lay on more white rock
Sarakíniko Beach on Milo Emily Zanier photo

“Sarakiniko is my favorite beach in Greece and the #1 beach on my list of the most beautiful beaches in the Kyklades islands in Greece,” explains French travel blogger Emily Zanier.

“It is definitely the most unique of the best Greek island beaches due to its white rock formations and not sand, which makes it very different from all the others,” says the blogueuse voyages.

“It is located on Mylos, the island of Venus, a volcanic island with interesting rock formations.

“The island has the biggest number of beaches in the Kyklades or Cyclades, with 75 beaches in total. They are all beautiful and worth visiting.

“Sarakiniko is made of white rock formations with cliffs from which you can jump; the sea is definitely deep enough under these cliffs.

“The sea is deeply blue and clear, like everywhere in Greece pretty much, with a nice temperature to swim in summer.

“There is a nice way to walk to the beach from the parking lot, which is also beautiful white rocks. This landscape looks like you are walking on the moon, a very unique experience,” concludes Emily Zanier of

We find the best Sarakiniko rooms on

narrow channel of turquoise blue water is between two beaches made of white stone, one of the most unique of best Greek island beaches
Sarakíniko, one of the best Greek island beaches | Emily Zanier photo

One of the Absolute Best Greek Island Beaches Is Kalafati Beach in Mykonos!

Kalafati Beach in Mykonos | Photo by Nikki of She Saves She Travels

“One of the absolute best Greek island beaches is Kalafati Beach in Mykonos!” declares travel blogger Nikki of She Saves She Travels.

“This island in the Cyclades gets a reputation for being touristy, expensive and the party island. However, it’s also a great island for enjoying the azure water of the Aegean Sea!

“The must-see spots in Mykonos are the vivid streets of Chora, Little Venice, the Mykonos Windmills and the charming village of Ano Mera. But what’s often overlooked are the many beaches in Mykonos!

“Touch your toes in the soft sand at Kalafati Beach. During the peak of summer, you’ll find food, drink and other vendors offering all kinds of amenities on the beach. Rent an umbrella and chairs for the afternoon to soak in the sun! The beach is located in a cove, which creates the perfect swimming surf with gentle waves.

“Whether you have a week to relax and soak in the sights in Mykonos or are spending just a day during a Mediterranean cruise – like this Celestyal Cruises review – you’ll want to visit Kalafati Beach when you’re in Mykonos!” says Nikki.

5.) Best Greek Island Beaches of the Ionian Islands

The Ionian Islands are a chain of islands off Greece’s western coast in the Ionian Sea, renowned for their lush landscapes, beautiful beaches, Venetian architecture and enchanting history, including well-known islands such as Corfu, Kefalonia, and Zakynthos.

Myrtos Beach in Kefalonia, One of the Best Greek Island Beaches

aerial view of cresant shaped white sand beach tucked into the green hills of Greece with turquoise waters which make this one of the best Greek island beaches
Myrtos Beach in Kefalonia is one of the best Greek island beaches | Photo by Tess Moone

“Myrtos Beach in Kefalonia is truly jaw-dropping,” reports Australian travel blogger Tess Moone. “Located on the underrated and lesser-touristed Ionian island of Kefalonia, Myrtos Beach dazzles with vivid shades of turquoise blue.

“This pebbled beach has crystal clear water, which seems even brighter when contrasted against the sheer white limestone cliffs that surround the beach,” she notes.

“During the summer season, sun beds and umbrellas are available to rent; however, a large portion of the beach remains undeveloped and free to use.

“A small café operates during summer, but don’t expect a typical beach club with all the associated amenities – which only adds to the charm of this beautiful beach.

“At the southernmost end of the beach, a small cave can be explored, but be careful of rocks falling from the cliffs above,” warns the globetrotting content creator.

“You’ll find a cliffside viewpoint that offers unbeatable panoramic views of the impossibly bright blue azure waters of the beach below.

“Make sure to visit the viewpoint to capture a photo of the unforgettable Myrtos Beach from above,” she discloses. Myrtos Beach in Kefalonia, one of the best Greek island beaches, is recommended by Tess of Tessomewhere 

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Lefkada Island Boasts the Best Greek Island Beaches

aerial view of ocean meeting the mountains with turquoise waters, white sand beach and cliffs rising high at one of the best Greek island beaches
Pefkoulia Beach in Lefkada | Photo Courtesy of © Paul Kostadimas | Spotlight Sojourns

“Just as legends connect ancient Ithaca to modern Lefkada, a narrow causeway and short bridge connect this Ionian island to Greece’s mainland,” reports Marilee Kostadimas, Creative Director and Chief Storyteller at

“Historians study Lefkada’s epic tales of goddess Aphrodite, Homer’s Odysseus, Romans, Ottomans, Venetians, and others over the centuries.

“Sailors, windsurfers, paragliders, snorkelers, and scuba divers call it a ‘Paradise of Sea Sports.’

“Sunseekers flock to popular and beautiful beaches such as Pefkoulia, Kathisma, Egremni, Porto Katsiki, Nidri and Vasiliki.

“In 2023, Greece ranked 2nd worldwide for the most Blue Flag Awards. Six Lefkada beaches won this prestigious recognition for quality of environment, education, safety and accessibility.

“Postcard-worthy white beaches of sand and stone define the scenic coastline,” says Marilee of what she considers the best Greek island beaches.

“Pristine pine forests, rugged mountains, and steep cliffs distinguish the dramatic landscape. Resplendent hues of azure, turquoise and emerald dazzle the crystal clear Ionian Sea.

“Some beaches offer organized and manicured environments complete with sun beds, sun shades, casual restaurants, and lively bars.

“Other beaches are quiet, remote, and serene. One long expanse on the western side, from Lefkada-Gyra to Agios Giannis, even offers derelict windmills.

“In short, Lefkada’s divine and diverse beaches deliver a legendary experience,” sums up the travel writer.

6.) Best Greek Island Beaches on Crete

Crete is a significant enough entity in itself and isn’t generally classified under any specific island group.

Marvel at Stunning Coastal Landscapes Around Crete’s Balos Beach

Aerial photo of crescent-shaped beach with huge monolithic island rising up behind the blue waters creates one of the best Greek island beaches
Balos Beach, one of Greece’s true blockbuster beaches | Photo by Steph Edwards of The Mediterranean Traveller

“Balos is one of Greece’s true blockbuster beaches – and for good reason,” says Steph Edwards of the Mediterranean Traveller.

“This stunning lagoon beach in Crete, known for its dramatic vistas and shallow pink sands, looks just as good in real life as in the photographs. 

“It’s located on the far northwest tip of the island’s coast, just over an hour’s drive from Chania.

“Getting there can be tricky, though, as the final stretch of road is a dirt track that isn’t usually covered on rental car insurance,” she warns about her recommendation for the best Greek island beaches.

“Then there’s a steep (but spectacular) walk down from the car park – this is where you’ll find the famous viewpoint.

“You can also visit by boat. Daily excursion boats from Kissamos link up with private transfers and public buses – it’s easy to find out about these through your accommodation or the nearest tour agency if you’re staying in one of Chania’s beach resorts.

“As an added bonus, the boat trips usually visit the equally scenic island of Gramvousa too,” Steph adds.

7.) Best Greek Island Beaches in the Northeast Aegean Islands

Best Greek Island Beaches: Mavra Volia 'Black Pebbles' in Chios

man walks on pebbled beach, one of the best Greek island beaches, with blue water behind
Mavra Volia Beach, Chios | Photo by Elli Agiannidi

“One of the most memorable places in Chios (a beautiful island in Greece) is the beach of Mavra Volia, which means ‘black pebbles’ in Greek,” recommends travel photographer Elli Agiannidi.

“The beach is located on the south-eastern part of the island, near the village of Emporios. It is a unique and stunning sight, as the beach is covered with dark volcanic stones that contrast with the turquoise water of the Aegean Sea,” reveals the Greek travel expert.

“The stones are smooth and round, and they make a relaxing sound when they are moved by the waves. The water is crystal clear and refreshing, and it offers a great opportunity for snorkeling and swimming.

“The beach is also surrounded by impressive cliffs and hills that add to the scenic beauty of the place. Mavra Volia is one of the most popular beaches in Chios, and it attracts many visitors who want to enjoy its natural charm and tranquility,” Elli concludes.

8.) Sporades Island Group

The Sporades are a group of islands located off the east coast of Greece, celebrated for their dense pine forests, crystal-clear waters and idyllic beaches, with notable members including Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonnisos. 

Best Greek Island Beaches on Alonisso

Kokkinokastro Beach on the island of Alonnisos | Photo by Elli Agiannidi

“Alonissos is a lovely Greek island in the Sporades. One of the most fascinating places there is the beach of Kokkinokastro, which means ‘red castle’ in Greek,” says Elli Agiannidi of another of her picks for best Greek island beaches.

“The beach is located on the eastern part of the island, near the ancient city of Ikos. It is a remarkable and beautiful sight, as the beach is surrounded by red rocks that give it its name.

“The rocks are formed by iron oxide, and they create a striking contrast with the green pine trees and the blue water of the Aegean Sea.

“The sand is golden and soft, and it invites you to relax and enjoy the sun. The water is calm and clear, and it offers a perfect spot for swimming and diving.

“The beach is also rich in history, as it is the site of a prehistoric settlement and a medieval fortress that overlooks the sea.

“Kokkinokastro is one of the most attractive beaches in Alonissos, and it attracts many visitors who want to explore its natural beauty and historical significance,” summarizes the professional photographer and Greek island expert. 

9.) More Best Beaches in Greece

Afitos Beach in the Chalkidiki/Halkidiki Region of Northern Greece

Afitos Beach promenade in April | Feuza Reis photo

“Greece may be known for its best Greek island beaches and island hopping, but mainland Greece has enchanting beaches, too,” says travel writer Feuza Reis. “I enjoyed exploring Northern Greece recently, and here is the first of my top two favorite beaches.

“We landed at Thessaloniki Airport and rented a car. In less than an hour,  we were at our hotel, Blue Bay Halkidiki, which is in the Afitos beach area. This hotel has everything! Amazing staff, gorgeous views, and delicious local cuisine.

“Blue Bay Halkidiki hotel has its own beach, but we loved visiting Afitos, a super cute village up on top of a hill overlooking the beautiful beach,” reveals the travel expert. “This is an excellent place for families or couples looking for a small village vibe with beautiful blue waters.

Afytos Beach is a beach certified with the Blue Flag, indicating that it meets strict standards for cleanliness, environmental responsibility, and safety,” she explains. “You can feel confident and relaxed while enjoying your time here.

“Unfortunately, the April weather was unsuitable for swimming, but we had a great time. We shopped and explored the village while strolling on the famous street with the best views,” Feuza of FuseTravels reports.

Read on as Feuza describes the next of her two top picks for favorite beaches in Greece.

Greek Best Beaches: Amazing Elia Beach in Sithonia

looking down at narrow white sand beach from hilltop cafe with turquoise colored chairs and round cafe table
Elia Beach in Sithonia | Feuza Reis photo

“During our travels around the Chalkidiki/Halkidiki region, we stopped at Elia Beach in Sithonia. This is one of those Greek beaches ideal for families with small children and couples seeking a peaceful retreat,” suggests Feuza Reis, publisher of Fuse Travels.

“The waters are calm and clear, and the beach is awarded a Blue Flag zone certificate.

“Elia Beach provides a range of amenities to guarantee a comfortable and enjoyable visit. Visitors can rent sunbeds and umbrellas for a relaxing sunbathing experience. Moreover, nearby beach bars and taverns serve refreshing drinks and mouth-watering local dishes.

“If you’re looking for excitement, Elia Beach offers water sports activities. You can go jet skiing, paddleboarding, canoeing and more to have an active day at the beach.

“Getting to Elia Beach is a breeze, as it is easily accessible by road. You can park your vehicle in nearby parking areas. The beach is also well-connected to the surrounding towns, with public transportation options like buses available.

We enjoyed staying at the Acrotel Residence, which offers beautiful views of the mountains and sea. One of the highlights of our stay was the unique Byzantine dinner with a 5-course meal, which was truly amazing.

In addition, the beach boasts a breathtaking sunset, and I hope to return one day during warmer weather to enjoy the water at Elia Beach, one of the Greek best beaches,” summarizes Feuza, publisher of Fuse Travels.

Conclusion: Best Beaches in the Peloponnese and Best Greek Island Beaches

We hope you enjoyed this round-up of the best beaches in the Peloponnese and the best Greek island beaches. If you have a favorite that is not included, please add it to the comments below.

We would love to hear about your unique Greek beach experience, so be sure to stop back and let us know how you fare. Travel well, dear friend!

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  1. This is an excellent collection showcasing the unique beauty and facilities of each of these compelling beach destinations in Greece vetted by travel experts! Just the map alone shows us the broad spectrum of the best Greek beaches where travellers can find that dream location that would satisfy all of their desires.

    • I like maps, too! Thanks so much for your contribution to best beaches in the Peloponnese, Sonja! Where does your next trip take you?

      • Thanks Stacey. It was such fun to write about those gorgeous beaches in Peloponnese and see those others elsewhere in Greece.
        Next up in September I’m Scotland bound to meet a friend in a wheelchair with whom I’ve been travelling for about 4 years now. We started out in 2019 in the Glasgow Kiltwalk 6-mile Marathon for charities along with 13’000 other Kilted Scots! There were longer routes also but we were happy with 6 miles with me pushing and my friend cheering me on so we wouldn’t miss the Red Hot Chili Pipers who were waiting at the finish line to play for the big party! Afterwards he took me on a Scotrail trip up the Highlands. Rail up over Fort William on the famous aqueduct then ferry to the Isle of Skye. The incomparable Eilean Donan castle was waiting for us on the mainland. Then it was rail to the east coast visiting Edinburgh then down to the Borders to visit Sir Walter Scott’s eclectic home now museum. Ending with trains back to Glasgow.
        He also planned a big rail trip out of Glasgow last September 2022 with several Scottish stops and then London and back. Travelling was not brilliant at that time although we got some of the planned visits in around Scotland. This was the weeks of mourning for Queen Elizabeth II who died in Scotland, celebrated in Balmoral then Edinburgh then transported to London where masses of people were waiting. We were fortunate to have the news quickly so my friend could reroute us to some nice areas in the west like Ayrshire on the sea. All of the trip gave us loads of information and direct experience with accessible facilities that @AtaxiaScot has been gathering for one of his websites.
        This time he’s planned rail Glasgow to Newcastle to take the ferry to Amsterdam and then the train to Berlin and return. It’s a big project for him to plan but we can gather loads of useful accessibility information for others. We have 2 camera’s, a GoPro and a 360 that is attached to the wheelchair. We’re not going to overlook anything!

  2. What a fabulous list! I loved visiting a few of these beaches, but it looks like I need to return to Greece ASAP to explore more. Gosh and that vivid blue water is so captivating!! Great guide, Stacey!

    • Thanks so much, Nikki! Let us know what other best beaches in Peloponnese you discover when you go back!

  3. That’s a such a great list. I love Greece so much and never get tired of exploring the beaches, the islands and everything in Greece pretty much, it’s such a beautiful country.

    • You’re so right, Emily! I love Greek island beaches and this list of the best beaches in the Peloponnese. Thanks for your contribution and beautiful photos!


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