The Best Places To Stay at the Grand Canyon

 UPDATED December 9, 2023–If you’re planning a trip to this iconic national park, one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make is choosing between all the best places to stay at the Grand Canyon.

With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to pick the best place to call home during your visit. That’s where we come in!

In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the best places to stay at Grand Canyon, whether you’re looking for a luxurious hotel or a more rustic camping experience.

We’ll provide an overview of the different accommodation options available and help you find the perfect place to rest your head after a day of exploring this beautiful national park. So let’s get started and find the perfect place to stay at the Grand Canyon!

Where Are the Best Places To Stay Near Grand Canyon?

Table of Contents

Best Places To Stay Near Grand Canyon by Area

Since you can enter Grand Canyon National Park through four different gateways, as shown on the map above, we’ve divided the best places to stay near Grand Canyon into each area:

  1. Visiting Grand Canyon South Rim
  2. North Rim Grand Canyon Lodging
  3. Near Grand Canyon East Entrance
  4. West Rim Grand Canyon

We’ve also included a fifth category for those who want a unique experience and are willing to use any means (we’re talkin’ hiking, mule riding or four-wheeling) or go anywhere to find it:

5. Unique Places to Stay When Visiting Grand Canyon

Heads up, people! You may not be aware of how large the Grand Canyon National Park is.

The whole state of Rhode Island can fit into the Grand Canyon.

For instance, it takes three hours and 5 minutes to drive from the South Rim Visitor Center to the North Rim Visitor Center. Or you could walk rim to rim in about eleven hours.

Regardless of how you plan to get around Grand Canyon, just be aware that you will want to book accommodations in the area of the Grand Canyon that you are hankering to visit.

Especially if you want to experience heavenly sunsets and sunrises from the stunning Grand Canyon viewpoints.

Let’s get started with the first gateway, the south entrance of Grand Canyon National Park at the South Rim…

1.) Visiting Grand Canyon South Rim

sun peeks below flat cloud while low in the sky creating a star pattern over a deep red layerd canyon
Grand Canyon National Park from Yaki Point on the South Rim | Bill Ferris photo

The South Rim of the Grand Canyon is the most visited region of Grand Canyon National Park. Therefore, you’ll want to reserve your accommodations in advance when visiting South Rim Grand Canyon. The best places to stay near Grand Canyon South Rim include hotels, campgrounds and glamping.

If you plan to camp, head to “Finding the best campground Grand Canyon.”

hotel with turret on edge of steep canyon is one of the best places to stay at the Grand Canyon
El Tovar hotel on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon in Grand Canyon Village

a.) Best places to stay near Grand Canyon South Rim: Grand Canyon Village hotels

Grand Canyon Village is located within the Grand Canyon National Park near the Bright Angel Trailhead. This is PERFECT if you want to sleep right at the rim in all the hub-bub of one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations.

It is not so hot for those keen on experiencing quiet and the outdoors.

Our favorite is Bright Angel Lodge and Cabins and, in particular, the Buckey O’Neill Cabin. Of course, you must have deep pockets to sleep in this historic cabin built by one of Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders, but this might just be the perfect place for you if you are a history junkie.

We also recommend El Tovar Hotel, considered the jewel of Historic National Park Lodges. The Fred Harvey hotel is on the bucket list of every ‘Harveyhead.’ OK, I confess that I am a full-blown Harvey nerd.

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b.) Visiting South Rim Grand Canyon: Tusayan Hotels

You must drive through the town of Tusayan to get to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Yes, it is a gateway community that offers restaurants, an IMAX theatre, hotels, gas stations and convenience stores for those visiting South Rim Grand Canyon.

From here, you can board a helicopter to explore the Grand Canyon from the air. (We recommended a helicopter tour to get the most impact from your first glimpse of this powerfully affective natural wonder.)

The Grand Hotel at the Grand Canyon We’ve been in the area so long that we watched them build this luxury property back in 1998. The three-diamond hotel is the only one in the region.

Kids will love the indoor, heated swimming pool, while adults will appreciate the one-mile proximity to the South Entrance of the Grand Canyon.

Best Western Premier Grand Canyon Squire Inn Our stop for après Grand Canyon hike noshing is also a comfortable place to lay your head. We go for the affordable Squire Pub menu.

The underground pub is near the bowling alley that also offers billiards and an arcade. Or eat at the Fireside Lounge after checking into your spacious hotel room.

Holiday Inn Express Grand Canyon, an IHG Hotel I was selling Yellow Page ads when I got a site tour of this well-maintained hotel. Now you know how long I have been an examiner of the best places to stay near Grand Canyon South Rim!

You’ll find all the comforts that you’ve come to expect from this top-rated accommodation.

Grand Canyon Plaza Hotel This mid-range (for National Parks) property offers comfortable rooms, a swimming pool and the Wagon Wheel Saloon. Book it for a convenient location.

two photos, one of Route 66 neon sign and pne of steam locomotive engine with text reading 'stay in Williams'

c.) Visit Grand Canyon South Rim from Williams, AZ

Stay further away—about 52 miles/84 km further—to save some moolah by booking your Grand Canyon accommodations in Williams, AZ.

The evening “Western street shootouts” make the commute all worthwhile. Especially if you are a Route 66 enthusiast—Williams is busting at the seams with Route 66 memorabilia. 

In Williams, you can stay at deluxe RV campgrounds or book one of the following hotels. Either way, the following day you can take the Grand Canyon Railway into the park and avoid the stress of parking and traffic.

Grand Canyon Railway Hotel Book one of the best places to stay near Grand Canyon South Rim (52 miles/ 84 km away), and you can wrangle a ride on the historic Grand Canyon Railway, which will take you directly to Grand Canyon Village. 

Red Garter Inn This historic bordello, right on Route 66, is said to be one of the most haunted places in Arizona.

If you want to be in the center of the Western action, then this downtown spot is for you. Just remember that this little town rolls up the streets around 10 pm.

Sheridan House Inn We loved the proximity to downtown historic Williams and the bevy of luxe amenities at this adults-only BnB

round-topped tent with glass windows and walkout doors on front is part of glamping what to expect with sun going down behind tall pines
Backland, a luxury glamping eco-resort | UNSTOPPABLE Stacey photo

d.) Best places to stay near Grand Canyon South Rim: Glamping

If you’re up for some adventure and don’t mind staying 90 minutes from the South Rim, then Backland, an eco-luxury glamping resort, is the perfect getaway. Read Glamping What to Expect Now, where we review Backland.

wide angle view of downtown Flagstaff at dusk with neon lights stop Hotel Monte V an Babbitt Trading Co
Hanging out in historic downtown is one of the best things to do in Flagstaff Arizona | Discover Flagstaff photo

e.) Flagstaff, one of the best places to stay near Grand Canyon South Rim

The charming mountain town of Flagstaff is only one-and-a-half hours from Grand Canyon Visitor Center on the South Rim. Find our detailed descriptions of top lodging in Flagstaff in our Ultimate Flagstaff Travel Guide.

2. North Rim Grand Canyon Lodging

stone lodge on rim faces canyon views - North Rim Grand Canyon lodging at its finest
Grand Canyon Lodge North Rim | UNSTOPPABLE Stacey photo

Fewer park visitors plan a trip to Grand Canyon North Rim than the South or West Rims. And there are good reasons for that!

First, the North Rim Entrance to Grand Canyon National Park is closed from October 15 through May 15 due to harsh snow conditions.

Secondly, the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park is difficult to access. Although paved roads lead all the way to the North Rim entrance, most of the lengthy drive is on two-lane highways.

For your convenience, here are the distances you must travel to get to North Rim Grand Canyon lodging:

  • Las Vegas Strip – Grand Canyon North Rim Visitor Center 4hr 39min | 269 miles/ 433 km
  • Flagstaff – Grand Canyon North Rim Visitor Center 3hr 42min | 208 miles/ 335 km
  • South Rim Visitor Center near Grand Canyon Village – Grand Canyon North Rim Visitor Center 3 hr 50min | 210 miles/338 km

Regardless, the North Rim is definitely worth the trip because of fewer crowds, almost pristine terrain and some of the best Grand Canyon views. Here are our honest recos for Grand Canyon North Rim hotels:

Grand Canyon Lodge North Rim Open May 15 through October 15, this historic log lodge sits at the edge of the North Rim. Choose from rim-side cabins and motel lodging.

Kaibab Lodge Open May 15 – November 5, the newly renovated log cabins are located only five miles from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

For North Rim camping, go to Campgrounds North Rim Grand Canyon

3. Best Places to Stay Near Grand Canyon East Entrance

red flagstone building with porch and sign above reading: Cameron established 1916 Motel, Indian Arts and Crafts
Historic Cameron Trading Post on the Navajo Reservation

East Entrance Grand Canyon has many seasonal campsites, but hotel rooms can only be found 32 miles/ 52 km outside the park at Cameron.

Cameron is on the Navajo Reservation and is home to Cameron Trading Post and the Grand Canyon Hotel, Lodge and RV Park.

We highly recommend the Navajo tacos with green chile at the historic trading post restaurant.

4. Hotels, camping and cabins at Grand Canyon West

two people silouetted against setting sun stand on superstructure sticking out over expanse of deep canyon
Grand Canyon Skywalk- Courtesy of the Arizona Office of Tourism

If you’re a thrill seeker and want to explore the Grand Canyon Skywalk, then hotels, camping and cabins at Grand Canyon West are for you.

The breathtaking glass-floored skywalk jets out over the West Rim of the Grand Canyon on the Hualapai Reservation. Fortunately, as remote as it is, there are hotels near West Rim Grand Canyon.

The West Rim of the Grand Canyon is the rim closest to Las Vegas. It’s only two hours and twenty-five minutes, 131 miles/ 211 km from the Las Vegas Strip. 

So then, the following places to stay near Grand Canyon West Rim might be your best bet if you fly in and out of Las Vegas for your Grand Canyon trip.

Our recommendations for Grand Canyon West Rim lodging

Hualapai Lodge When I worked for Road Scholar, formerly Elder Hostel, we stayed here, and our participants enjoyed the buffet breakfast.

Grand Canyon Caverns Inn You can even book a room in the caves. Just hope the elevator doesn’t go out the night you stay.

5. Unique Places to Stay When Visiting Grand Canyon

stone building with craftsman-stle paned windos has picnic table and people gathering outside
Phantom Ranch in Grand Canyon National Park- Courtesy of the Arizona Office of Tourism

When you visit someplace as unique as the Grand Canyon, it’s fun to stay at special accommodations. You might have to give up convenience or stretch yourself to get there, but the setting is worth it! So if you’re open to crazy when looking for where to stay when visiting Grand Canyon, we recommend these unusual lodgings:

a.) The only lodging below the rim

Phantom Ranch The only way to reach the rustic Phantom Ranch, located at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, is by hiking, riding mules or whitewater rafting.

The only lodging below the rim must be reserved in advance. Also, be aware of closures due to the 2023 National Park renovation projects. Insider tip: We snagged spots in the bunkhouse for my 48th birthday when other hikers canceled because of inclement weather.

b.) Sleep in a cave

Grand Canyon Caverns Inn Stay in the underground suite and sup at the restaurant 20 stories below ground.

Although I’ve never stayed in the underground suite, it appeals to the spelunker in me. You can also reserve rooms above ground.

c.) Camp on the rim

Our favorite Grand Canyon getaway is an off-grid campsite in the Kaibab National Forest. Of course, you must haul your water and toilet, but the stars and views are magnificent. Just watch your step.

Check out the Rainbow Trail for more information.

d.) Experience Navajo culture in a hogan

My Navajo friends, Tisha and Fabian, plan to build a hogan near the confluence of the Colorado and Little Colorado Rivers.

They’ll set it up as an overnight rental. Email me, and I’ll put you on the waiting list.

e.) Glamour meets camping in the eco-glamping resort

There might be nothing more special than this luxe tent resort under a field of stars. Did I mention the lake? Reserve your spacious accommodation with a full ensuite bath at Backland.

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