5 Best Tapas in Seville, Spain, You Can’t Miss

Last week I was on a quest for the best tapas in Seville. With over three thousand Seville tapas bars, knowing just where to plunge in can be overwhelming. However, with the help of knowledgeable locals, I believe I found the best tapas bars in Seville, and I want to share them with you!

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How to Experience the Best Tapas Seville Spain

One of the reasons that I return to Spain is for the laidback lifestyle and the Spanish “joy of living.” A way to immerse yourself into this relaxed style is to experience a tapas tour of bars in Seville.

Slow Down – Slow Food

While seeking the best tapas Seville, we first need to slow down from our unfortunate American breakneck pace. That way, we experience tapas in a relaxed manner, the way tapas are meant to be enjoyed. I know that can be difficult after traveling so far. But, really, there’s no rush, so take it easy and refrain from ordering more than one drink and one tapa at a time. Then as you sip, savor and people watch, you can decide if you want to stay and ask for more. Or choose to move to another place and enjoy your next tapas there.

A perfect way to take the first plunge into Spanish culture is to hire a guide to make sure you taste only the best tapas in Seville Spain. My tapas shepherd was Elena from Devour Food Tours. Although she was born and raised in Seville, the young woman attended university in North Carolina and now teaches English as a second language at la Universidad Loyola in Seville.

6 people stand in front of Seville Cathedral
Our small and intimate Devour Tapas Tasting group
Vermut Clásico or Vermouth Classico with Jamon Iberico
woman with red bag that reads: Devours stands in Seville street
Elena’s English was impeccable, and her sense of humor was quick

Elena definitely revealed all the insider tips and tricks to doing tapas right. She guided me to only authentic, family-run businesses to taste the tapas that her family, friends and she like best. So then, let me pass on her secrets and the five best tapas in Seville you can’t miss:

The 5 Best Tapas in Seville

1. Jamón Ibérico and cured meats of the region

The most iconic tapas in Seville are thinly sliced Jamón Ibérico, or Iberian ham served with bread and cheese. Maestro Marcelino, a delicatessen with a long history in Seville, presented three types of top-grade, delicious Jamón Ibérico so we could sample each.

> Chorizo Iberian

Chorizo Iberian seasoned with sweet paprika (“It’s not like Mexican chorizo—our palettes are not made for hot and spicy,” revealed Elena.)

> Salchichón

Salchichón—delicious cured meat that looks like salami but is not

> Cane de Lomo

Cane de Lomo–translucent, shiny, slices of pork tenderloin (the shine comes from the acorns on which the pigs free-range feed during their last four months)

> White pork

White pork—not cured but slow-roasted and similar to pork belly, but meatier

The experts at Maestro Marcelino paired the cured meat tapas with Vermut Clásico or Vermouth Classico. The fashionable aperitif is popular in Seville right now. I had the opportunity to sip it just like the Sevillanos do: straight and on the rocks. Served in a lowball glass with an elegant “cut” design, the vermouth, a fortified white wine, was made in Cordoba for Maestro Marcelino. We sat next to the kegs while we enjoyed our tapas in Seville.

Chorizo Iberian, Salchichón, Cane de Lomo, White pork (L-R)

2. Black-Label Jamón Ibérico and Manchengo Cheese

wine glass of light golden colored sherry next to best tapas in seville with tile floor in background
Acorn-fed Iberian ham and manchego cheese in the Jewish Quarter | UNSTOPPABLE Stacey photo

“Now, we’re going to the Jewish quarter for ham,” announces Elena and then waits for the laughter. “Now THAT’S Seville, where everything is blended—religion, food, culture and music.”

Our next stop on our foodie tour is one of the oldest tapas bars in Seville. Since 1870, Las Teresas Café-Bar has decorated its walls with historic Seville memorabilia and hung huge legs of ham from its ceiling. Experts age the black-label acorn-fed Iberian ham for 2 to 5 years—the black conical cups hanging from the legs capture the drippings. Elena explained that the price tag on these black-label pig legs—complete with hoof—runs 200 Euros/kg. Of course, that could be one of the reasons that, unlike in other cities in Spain, the tapas are not free. Another reason to get a guide to take you to the best values.

At Las Teresas, waiters served thinly sliced Jamón Ibérico with Manchengo cheese on rustic bread. This, one of the most simple but best tapas in Seville, was paired with Manzanilla sherry, one of the driest sherries in the world, disclosed Elena. It had a very light mouthfeel and was not sweet, unlike the sherry I’d tasted in the US and France.

3. Ensaladilla de Ventescade Atun/Tuna with Russian Salad

While tasting our way through Seville, we stopped at Vineria San Telmo for Ensaladilla de Ventescade Atun and other fusion delights. I met the modern-gastro tapas bar owner and creator. His philosophy is “I do not understand how no one has come up with proclaiming ‘la tapa’ the alimentary expression of a lifestyle in which everything is tested, talks a lot, drinks intelligently and comes to the not easy conclusion that, in small doses, the world is beautiful.”

Another tip from Elena: This is one of the best places in Seville for wine selections. A tasty Sauci Blanco from Huelva was paired with the ingenious Tuna with Russian Salad.

tuna on top of mound of potato salad with flat bread on the side
Tuna with Russian Salad at Vineria San Telmo in Seville

4. Rabo del Toro/Oxtail Stew Influenced Tapas

egg roll cut in half showing rich dark beef stew inside

Stew made from the bull’s tail started during the early days of bullfighting, and some even say the dish stems back to Roman times. In the 1800s, matadors would give the lesser “cuts” of the bull to admiring peasants, including the bull’s tail. I first tried Rabo del Toro—rolled a coating and fried—in Cordoba, where it is said to have been introduced. Vineria San Telmo’s version is wrapped like an egg roll and fried, really bringing out the rich flavors of one of the best tapas in Seville.

6 people sit around tall-top table with kegs on the back wall of this Seville tapas bar

5. Best tapas in Seville: Pulma Iberica con Calabaza/Grilled Pulma Iberica Pork with Pumpkin

slice of medium rare meat sits on slab of pumpkin shows why this is my favorite best tapas in Seville
Grilled Iberico pork with pumpkin | UNSTOPPABLE Stacey photo

Although it’s difficult to choose a favorite, my favorite tapas of the night was the grilled Iberica pork on a slice of pumpkin, which tasted more like squash, and served with grilled arugula. Oh my! The delicious grilled meat was paired with a spicy red wine from Cadiz. The best tapas in Seville can be found at this Seville tapas bar!

While Devours Tours got its beginnings in Spain, it now leads fascinating foodie tours all over Europe. So be sure to check them out here for your next trip.

Devour Tours can show you an insider view in:

  • Barcelona
  • Florence
  • Lisbon
  • Madrid
  • Paris
  • Rome
  • San Sebastian
  • Seville
  • Venice

Conclusion: Best Tapas in Seville

We hope you enjoyed our story about the best tapas in Seville. We hope that it encourages you to book a tapas bar tour!

You’ll experience authentic Spanish culture through food, wine, and music! Salud!

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