Best Wine Aerator: Divine Wine Vortex Uses Double Helix Flow

I think I’ve found one of the best wine aerator to improve the taste and finish of your wine. The DiVine Wine Vortex wine diffuser uses a natural, biodynamic effect to smooth out tannins and enhance the mouthfeel of your wine. Don’t know how to use a wine aerator? No worries, we’ll tell you how later in this article.

Experts designed the DiVine Wine Vortex™ to aerate your wine through an ionization process similar to nature. The same vortexing movement found in rivers and streams produces a biodynamic effect, which occurs instantly as you pour wine through the DiVine Wine Vortex™. If you are a wine lover, restaurateur or wine country traveler, this portable and easy to use wine diffuser is for you.

New Wine Enhancing Technology Derived from Nature

The innovative aeration method used in the DiVine Wine Vortex™ relies on fluid motion. Mimicking the healing properties of healthy mountain streams, the wine tumbles through a double helix flow form built into the DiVine Wine Vortex™. The natural flow aerates and breathes life into wine by releasing its authentic flavors and enhancing the finish. The biological properties, like wine itself, is why I’m naming it one of the best wine aerator.

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What Does a Wine Aerator Do?

black and white image of wine glass with swirling wine being poured in - demonstrating what does a wine aerator do
What does a wine aerator do? It improves taste and finish | Photo by Jonathan Cosens Photography on Unsplash

The gravity-fed, natural pulsation improves taste and finish by softening the tannins. Aeration balances the tannin flavors with the other essences in your wine and enhances the mouthfeel. If your wine tastes too bitter or too dry, try aerating the wine with the DiVine Wine Vortex™.

I initially experienced the benefits of the DiVine Wine Vortex™ at a Sedona, Arizona, restaurant. I first tasted a small pour of red wine without aeration. Then my host, John Ramagli, poured more of the bottle through the DiVine Wine Vortex™ into another glass. I could taste the difference in the tannins. The DiVine Wine Vortex™ really smoothed out the tannins!

Bring out the elegance in mature and younger wines

“One of the things I like best about it is that it [the DiVine Wine Vortex™] brings out the elegance in mature wines as well as it enhances the flavors of younger wines. The flow form in the Vortex both aerates and opens the wine, bringing out brighter flavors and bringing out the fruit in white wines,” said John, chef-owner at JNR Restaurants in Sedona, Arizona. He was explaining what does a wine aerator do while we sampled wine at his restaurant, Rotten Johnny’s Wood-Fired Pizzeria.


How to Use a Wine Aerator

man holds small wine diffuser over glass and pours wine from a bottle into it
John Ramagli, chef-owner at JNR Restaurants in Sedona, Arizona, demonstrates how to use a wine aerator

I was a little intimidated about using a wine diffuser—I’d never used one before, and some wine aerators look so complicated. However, once John demonstrated how to use a wine aerator, my fears dissolved. The portable unit is so easy to use—simply point the small spout into your wine glass or decanter and then pour your wine through the large end of the DiVine Wine Vortex™. You’ll get the benefits of decanted wine immediately, just like we did.

Why Aerate Your Wine?

Simply put, aeration allows your wine to breathe by interspersing air into the wine. Thirty years ago, I’d open a bottle of red wine and let it sit on the table to breathe. But who likes to wait? Forward another ten years, impatient me would pour the wine into the glasses and then let them sit there as my guests, and I waited for the wine to intermingle with the air. I figured with more wine exposed to oxygen in the glass, we wouldn’t have to wait so long. Today, I use the DiVine Wine Vortex™ to thoroughly aerate my wine in a matter of seconds. Another reason why I think this is the best wine aerator.

But why aerate your wine?

There are three benefits to aeration or fusing air into your wine:

  • First, aeration allows the tannins in the wine to soften
  • Second, it improves the other flavors and aromas in your wine, and
  • Thirdly, it enhances the mouthfeel of the wine or the way your wine feels in your mouth.

Additionally, aerating your wine at the table creates fun conversation and opens discussions about wine.

“I highly recommend it because it lengthens the flavor finish, the wine feels more velvety, and it becomes a focal point with customers, providing a topic to further educate our customers on wine,” continued John, a former beverage manager at two successful Scottsdale, Arizona, restaurants.

“Especially with the white wines—it brings out the fruits and florals,” John continued. I’d never thought of breathing white wines, and upon further investigation, I found that some whites can really benefit from a wine diffuser. They include:

  • Alsace Whites
  • Some Chardonnays
  • White Bordeaux
  • White Burgundies

My Experience with DiVine Wine Vortex™

white cylindrical diffuser with smaller end lays on top of blue travel pouch
The DiVine Wine Vortex™ by National Action Technologies | UNSTOPPABLE Stacey photo

Now I love canting my wine through the DiVine Wine Vortex™ at home. Since I travel so much, sometimes I come home to a half-full bottle of Pinot Noir (one of my faves at the moment) or another red. Aerating brings the wine back to life even if the wine has been open for a week or two.

On freshly opened bottles, the DiVine Wine Vortex™ not only softens the tannins but also brings out the brighter flavors that typically take a bit longer to achieve without aeration.

The DiVine Wine Vortex™ is made by National Action Technologies in the USA and constructed of NSF food-grade materials. The body is ABS plastic and ADPE flow plastic. The Activated Flow Form is created of proprietary Di-Electric media.

Best Wine Aerator Easy to Clean

The DiVine Wine Vortex™ is dishwasher friendly, or soak in detergent and water. Some prefer to soak in baking soda and vinegar. Rinse thoroughly by flushing after cleaning.


— Wine Aerator

— Travel pouch

— Gravity Fed

— Capacity: 150 ml

— Dimensions:

Length 7.5 inches

Diameter 3.0 inches

Weight 8.0 ounces

— Warranty: 10 years manufacturer’s warranty provided the Vortex is used and maintained in line with instructions provided.

The DiVine Wine Vortex™ and its wine enhancing technology can also be used for water, juices, coffee, tea and sports drinks.

Hear what Major League Baseball star Chris Singleton has to say about using the National Action Technologies filter as a structured water filter:

The DiVine Wine Vortex™ Wine Diffuser Conclusion:

woman holds DiVine Wine Vortex™ Wine Diffuser over wine glass with one hand,and pours wine from wine bottle in other had

So can you now answer the question, “What does a wine aerator do?” I hope so. Were you surprised at how simple it is to use a wine aerator? This wine diffuser, BTW, makes a perfect gift for the holidays. Please contact me at to get information on how to order.

Read more about structured water:

Water Crystals: Making the Quality of Water Visible by Andreas Schultz

The Water Wizard: The Extraordinary Properties of Natural Water by Viktor Schauberger

Living Water: Viktor Schauberger and the Secrets of Natural Energy by Olof Alexandersson

image of close up of red wine showing air being mixed in near rim of glass -depicting just what does a wine aerator do
Photo by Ryan Loughlin on Unsplash

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