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Airfares change three times a day as airlines periodically lower prices to fill up flights, and the early bird get the worm, according to travel guru George Hobica. “Early morning is the time to buy,” he says, recommending that flyers check fares every five hours to try and snag a deal. “On the weekend, the best time to check is early Saturday morning and again at 5PM, when the airline industry is most aggressively trying to fill seats,” he says.

Another source says that the wee hours of Sunday morning is the time to buy. All the airline tickets that were on hold for the week go back on the rack after the church bell chimes midnight. Who’s right? I dunno… although I have seen some mean airline fares in those early Monday hours…

Today I can’t stop exploring the world (I blame it on my father’s Viking blood) and write about my adventures – many as a solo woman traveler. Life isn’t always rosy; I lost my firecracker reasoning skill to head injury in a horrific rollover accident that should have taken my life. Brain injury hasn’t stopped me from traveling, although it sometimes makes for amusing travel antidotes that I hope you will enjoy. That’s why they call me “UNSTOPPABLE!”

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