Cabin Fever? Escape to the Valley of the Sun

While Flagstaff is still digging out of snow from its last huge snow dump (see photo), I am in sunny Phoenix enjoying the Sonoran Desert. Just discovered some great mountain biking near my hotel. Check out this hotel next time you are in the PHX area. A nice quiet getaway – beautiful desert views, fantastic mountain views, what more do you need?

Golf? OK, its got golf. Pools? Heated and sweet sunning areas. The list goes on… just check it out for your self:

Ok, you’re right. That is not a picture from Flagstaff, AZ. Canadian country, it is!

Today I can’t stop exploring the world (I blame it on my father’s Viking blood) and write about my adventures – many as a solo woman traveler. Life isn’t always rosy; I lost my firecracker reasoning skill to head injury in a horrific rollover accident that should have taken my life. Brain injury hasn’t stopped me from traveling, although it sometimes makes for amusing travel antidotes that I hope you will enjoy. That’s why they call me “UNSTOPPABLE!”

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