What’s love got to do with it? | Chocolate Factory Tour | Best Chocolate Tours

Chocolate is often associated with love. But why? This chocolate factory tour of chocolatey destinations worldwide reveals all!

During Valentine’s week, we buy millions of pounds of chocolate candy in preparation for the romantic holiday. But what’s Valentine’s Day and love got to do with chocolate?

Chocolate has been associated with romance, passion and divine love for centuries, according to Jen Warr of Chocolatree Organic Eatery in Sedona, Arizona.

“Raw chocolate contains two main chemical compounds. The first, anandamide, is similar to THC [the chemical found in marijuana.] The chemical’s name is derived from the ancient Sanskrit word ananda, which means bliss. The second compound, theobromine, is similar to caffeine,” she explained.

Chocolate, The Perfect Love Potion

“The two compounds together is the perfect potion for love: heart-opening, relaxing and allowing,” lauded the chocolatier. A third compound found in chocolate, phenethylamine, a psychoactive drug, causes pulse rates to quicken, comparable to the feeling of falling in love.

For those looking for a chocolate rush during Valentine’s Week, here is a list of the best chocolaty destinations, complete with

  • a chocolate-themed train ride,
  • chocolate-beer pairing and
  • chocolate factory tour.

Come on along for a chocolate tour around the world!


If you don’t have time to read the whole chocolate tour story, then go to the Las Vegas Chocolate Tour or Cadbury Chocolate Factory Tour to reserve the most popular chocolate tours around!

You won’t want to miss the Sedona Chocolate Factory Tour if you’re vegan, so keep reading …

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Sedona Chocolate Factory Tour

small cubes of chocolate like you might see on a chocolate factory tour leaning against each other in artistic fashion with nuts sprinkled in the foreground and baby's breath white flowers on the left
Taste organic heirloom chocolates during the Sedona chocolate factory tours | Photo y Caglar Araz via Unsplash

Travelers to Sedona, Arizona, can visit Chocolatree Organic Eatery and the adjacent chocolate factory to view over 100 different organic heirloom chocolates on display.

This artisan chocolate confectionery is one of the chocolate factory tours that will get hearts racing for the Valentine’s holiday. 

Hershey's Chocolate Tours

Hershey, Pennsylvania, “The Sweetest Place on Earth” is a mecca for chocoholics. Visiting the historic town is not a simple chocolate factory tour but an immersive chocolate experience.

The rich scent of chocolate is in the air, and giant Hershey’s Kisses hang from light posts.

Immerse yourself in chocolate at The Spa at The Hotel Hershey, which offers chocolate-infused body treatments and spa packages. Try the Cocoa Facial Experience, Cocoa Massage or Chocolate Fondue Wrap for a true Valentine’s treat worth the splurge.

These chocolate tours are fun all year round, of course!


Flagstaff Chocolate Tour

aerial view of historic downtown Flagstaff, the Flagstaff, the Closest City to the Grand Canyon National Park, includes railway station, train and Route 66 cars.
The Flagstaff train station on Route 66 Flagstaff Arizona is home to AMTRAK and the Flagstaff Visitor Center | Discover Flagstaff photo

Indulge in sweet treats and support local shops in Historic Downtown Flagstaff for the annual Chocolate Walk.

Explore delightful chocolates and perhaps find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift during the yearly chocolate tours. Register at the Flagstaff Visitor Center, 1 East US-66, Flagstaff, AZ.

This year’s proceeds benefit The Flagstaff Family Food Center, which, guided by its mission of “neighbors feeding neighbors every day,” distributed 6.8 million pounds of food through 13 community touchpoint programs last year.

See you on Saturday, February 10, 2024, between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm. $7 for ages 6-12, $10 for 13+.

Planning a chocolate tour? Check out these useful services:

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  • Viator

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Explore the best chocolate tours with Viator. Discover chocolate factory tours and activities to make your trip memorable.


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Chocolate Pairing for Arizona Beer Week

The 14th annual Arizona Beer Week happens February 15-25, and to celebrate, Lumberyard Brewery and Beaver Street Brewery are collaborating on a Beer & Chocolate Pairing for the Lumberyard Ladies Beer Club.

It all happens on Tuesday, February 20, at 5 pm when the doors open; the event starts at 6 pm at Brews & Cues. They’ll pair their beers with three different house-made chocolates. Get details.

Explore ‘Canada’s Chocolate Town’ with Museum Chocolate Tours

snow covered city street in front of chocolate factory in 1927 - Model Ts senn parked at side of road
Ganong's Chocolates 1927 | Photo via University of Alberta Archives on Wikimedia

St. Stephen, New Brunswick, “Canada’s Chocolate Town,” is home to Canada’s oldest candy company.

Visit the Chocolate Museum housed in a historic Ganong Bros. chocolate factory building. Take part in chocolate-making demonstrations, hands-on exhibits and chocolate factory tours while learning about Ganong Chocolates, founded in 1873.

If you can’t make it for free samples on St. Valentine’s Day, plan to attend the town’s annual Chocolate Fest in August.


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UK’s ‘Cadbury World’ Chocolate Tours

top 3 floors of gray brick industrial building at an angle. Letters at crown of building read "CADBURY" in capital letters - looks very chocolate factory tour -esque
Cadbury building | Photo by Dan Page on Unsplash

Bournville, Birmingham, UK, home of Cadbury World, a family-fun attraction run by the Cadbury chocolate company, makes a sweet destination for Valentine’s weekend.

A live painted cherub will appear to spread the love and make hearts soar. Hearts and chocolate will melt at “The Place Where Chocolate Comes Alive.”

If the cherub doesn’t do the trick, take your loved ones to the World’s Biggest Cadbury Shop for blissful, hand-crafted chocolates. Check out tickets online.

Insider tip: Cadbury World also has a location in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Perugia, Italy’s ‘Chocolate City’

ancient hilltop city stacked against mountain greenery with blue mountain ridges and skies rising behind
Perugia is "Italy's Chocolate City" \ UNSTOPPABLE Stacey photo

In Perugia, Italian chocolatiers have created the legendary Bacio Perugina® for over a hundred years.

The chocolate factory tour begins at the chocolate museum, Perugina Chocolate House. Or book a walking tour of Perugia that includes lunch and a chocolate factory tour at Perugina Chocolate House.

Beyond all that, the Scuola del Cioccolato® (chocolate school) offers workshops to hone your chocolate-making techniques.

Chocolate aficionados come from around the world for the chocolate factory tours and workshops, so reservations are necessary.

Verde Canyon Railroad: Chocolate Lover’s Special

classic Pullman passenger car on Verde rail road with close up of sign reading "Verde Canyon Railroad Wilderness Route" and AZ mountains in background against blue cloudless sky
Classic Pullman Lounge Car at Clarkdale, AZ, station | UNSTOPPABLE Stacey photo

Verde Canyon Railroad’s annual “Chocolate Lovers’ Special” couples the excitement of a scenic train journey through Arizona’s red rock canyons with an array of fine chocolates and romantic-themed cocktails.

With Arizona’s statehood anniversary falling on February 14, 1912, Valentine’s Day is an ideal occasion to celebrate the romance of the rails.

Make reservations at the Verde Canyon railway website.

This article first appeared in T+E, the online magazine for Canada’s Travel TV Network.

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