3 of the Best Eating Places in Flagstaff AZ, You’ll Love

Some things never change: These Flagstaff Restaurants Remain Strong

The Flagstaff restaurant scene continues to ripen with new restaurants. If you’ve not been to the historic mountain town for a while, you’ll be surprised to reap a whole new variety of taste treats at these eating places in Flagstaff, AZ. The following three eateries sprouted from tried-and-true favorites, so that means you won’t have to “experiment” with your restaurant dollars. Get more Flagstaff foodies’ picks for where to eat in Flagstaff.

Tried and True Flagstaff Restaurants

So what Flagstaff restaurants are ‘tried and true?’ Brix earned “Top 95 New Restaurants in the World” by Conde Nast Traveler in 2007, and now owners Paul and Laura Moir bring that success to their new inception, Proper Meats + Provisions. The couple’s collaborative efforts build upon the philosophy of local and sustainable foods. Their latest endeavor, Proper Meats + Provisions is the first exclusively local, whole-animal butchery in Arizona. 

You’ll find local cheeses, small plates, fresh-baked bread, house-made soups and sandwiches, as well as a curated menu of craft beers and Arizona wines. Open Tu – Sun 10 am – 6 pm.

Lumberyard Brewery is the love child of family-style Beaver Street Brewery

Can of Lumberyard Red Ale sits in front of pint of red-hues ale.

The Lumberyard Brewery is the love child of family-style Beaver Street Brewery and the over-18-crowd Brews and Cues Billiards. The new restaurant offers a comfortable, sports-bar atmosphere with flat-screen TVs on every wall and lots of outdoor dining. Part of the building was constructed in 1890 during Flagstaff’s timber heyday. Much of the old lumber was repurposed for the new restaurant’s embellishments.


Nosh with nachos, wings, sliders or our fave, Yin Yang Hummus “East (black bean hummus) Meets West (Edamame hummus)” served with crunchy wontons and corn chips. Salads are huge and come in the chef’s metal mixing bowls. Skip the BBQ vinaigrette; what was I thinking? The deli sandwiches are healthy (in size) as well.


After taking your first bite, you might just feel the earth move under your feet. But no worries, it’s just the passing train. The historic building sits at the side of Flagstaff’s famous railroad tracks. Fortunately, the excruciating train whistles were banned and silenced forever before the restaurant opened this spring. We expect the Lumberyard Apricot Ale to be as acclaimed as other brews in the Beaver Street stable of winning beers and ales.


Wildflower Bread Company offers more than the coveted baguette

For the past 16 years I’ve said, “Flagstaff would be the perfect town if it had a decent baguette.” Well, I am here to tell you, folks, perfection has arrived. Wildflower Bread Company offers more than the coveted baguette: their breakfast, lunch and dinner are each an understated, mouth-blessing experience.


“We’re offering white tablecloth quality food with fast, casual service and at family prices,” said Louis Basile, the company’s founder last week. “You get your food fast, but you can stay in the restaurant as long as you wish.”


UNSTOPPABLE Stacey invited to informal gathering of tasters

Two tasters smile as they sample Wildflower Bread Company wares
Flagstaff foodies check out places to eat in Flagstaff, AZ
Basile was in town for an informal gathering of tasters; I was fortunate to be invited. “We constantly ask, ‘Is this the best I have ever tasted?’” said the restaurateur about choosing quality ingredients and menu items at this eating place in Flagstaff AZ.
Stacey Wittig and Wildflower Bread Co founder Louis Basile
Travel and food writer Stacey Wittig with Wildflower Bread Co-founder Louis Basile
I didn’t realize that Wildflower is an Arizona company.  I first experienced the bistro in Prescott and thought it was a national chain. After tasting their fresh, flavorsome wares in Sedona and Prescott, I lined up with other Flagstaff foodies for their grand opening in February.
My favorite breakfast is the Roasted Tomato, Feta and Egg Sandwich that is layered with fresh basil. All the salads are superb, but it’s hard for me NOT to order the Emerald Spinach which is a scrumptious combo of Gorgonzola, bacon, red onion, spicy pecans, oranges, strawberries and red grapes.
I suggest you try Wildflower Bread Company and ask yourself, ‘Is this the best I have ever tasted?’ I believe your answer will be ‘Yes!’ Don’t forget to buy a baguette to take home.
Proper Meats + Provisions
110 East Route 66
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
Lumberyard Brewery
5 South San Francisco Street, Flagstaff
Wildflower Bread Company
530 East Piccadilly Drive, Flagstaff
Southeast Corner of Butler and Lone Tree
Please check the Flagstaff restaurants current menus as their offerings were sure to have changed since 2010, when I first wrote this article. But be assured, these Flagstaff restaurants are still some of my favorites! At least one of them was recently chosen by Flagstaff foodies as the best eating place in Flagstaff, AZ.
Check out hotel prices and more information about staying in the charming mountain town of Flagstaff, Arizona.
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sliced steak plated with purple potatoes , spinach and red pepper
The best eating places in Flagstaff AZ offer meat and vegetarian dishes

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