You’ll Never Forget Your Time at Hatch Chile Festival 2024

[UPDATED July 14, 2023] Dan and I so enjoyed the sights and smells of roasting chile in the streets of Hatch, New Mexico,  for the annual Hatch Chile Festival. We won’t forget all our fun times packed into one Labor Day weekend. Read on for the reasons you shouldn’t miss the 2024 Hatch Chile Festival. 

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Hatch, New Mexico—the Chile Capital of the World

handprinted sign reading "Hatch, NM - the Chile Capital Welcome" red letters on yellow background

I can’t recommend enough the fun and laughter at the annual Hatch Chile Festival in the Village of Hatch, NM—the Chile Capital of the World. It’s a chance for you to dig into the unique culture of this special region.

Doña Ana County, where Hatch is located, is a huge agricultural area. The festival time provides opportunities for hard-working farmers and their families to come out and celebrate the harvest. It’s exciting to catch their energy!

Here's how to make memories at Hatch Chile Festival

woman and man stand in front of restaurant with cartoon character statues on roof, line out the door, checkerboard facade
UNSTOPPABLE Stacey and husband Dan in front of the world famous Sparky's BBQ

Festivities get underway on Saturday, August 31, 2024, with the Hatch Chile parade. The charming hometown parade gets the show on the road around 9 am Saturday. We loved the parade with the horses, fire engines and dozens of floats decorated in surprising Hatch chile motifs. 

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Hatch Chile Festival Parade

8 cowboys in straw hats ride their well-trimmed horses along street in Hatch Chile Festival parade
New Mexican cowboys in Hatch Chile Festival Parade

Throughout the day, you can laugh at the competitive shenanigans of the contestants at the Chile Eating Contests. If a contestant reaches for that pint of milk, they lose.

The kids in the ice cream eating contest are precious. And the watermelon munchers were very competitive, too. Of course, everywhere vendors roasted green chiles and the aroma filled the air.

Hatch chile-eating contest

man stands in front of black roaster with a string of red chiles hanging to his right
Roasters and ristras (strings of red or green chiles) were everywhere

Where to Find Hatch Chile and Related Products

As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases. There is no extra cost to you when you purchase one of my recommendations.

Live music and performances throughout the weekend

Four young women in brightly colored skirts pirouette on the street under the pecan orchard
Ballet Folklorio performs at Hatch Chile Festival 2022 | UNSTOPPABLE Stacey photo

Then eat fair food while watching traditional dancers or listening to live music under the shade of a pecan orchard. How cool is that? It’s all a heck of a lot of fun that lasts through Sunday of Labor Day weekend. (Schedule below.)

Of course, I had to buy a ristra (a string of red or green chiles) to dry at home. Dan opted for the 50-lb gunnysack full of ‘medium hot’ Hatch green chiles and 10 lbs of onions. He also couldn’t resist the sombrero.

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man in wide sombrero reaches for gunnysack of Hatch green chiles iin the back of his truck- pallets of 50-lb sacks can be seen behind him
Dan Wittig grabs gunnysack of Hatch green chiles for his neighbors back home, note pallets of sacks of green chiles behind him

Other plans for Labor Day?

If you can’t make it to New Mexico for the festivities, then order your Hatch Green chiles online at Melissa’s Produce. Melissa gets her chiles directly from the growers around Hatch.

About the 2024 Hatch Chile Festival

The Hatch Chile Festival takes place over Labor Day weekend on August 31 and September 1, 2024, in Hatch, New Mexico.

What to bring to the Hatch Chile Festival?

It rained during the 2021 festival, so bring a rain jacket just in case, a sunhat, water and sunscreen. Be prepared to do a lot of walking around all the restaurants, events, music and chile, food and craft vendors. Shuttle service is provided, too.

How much does the Hatch Chile Festival cost?

Watch for signage directing you to park at Hatch High School as you drive into the event. Organizers ask for a $10 contribution as a parking fee to support the festival. There is no additional fee beyond the parking contribution.

Hatch Chile Festival Schedule

Village Market


Chile, Ice Cream, Watermelon eating contests

Live Music, Food and Brewery


Chile, Ice Cream, Watermelon eating contests

Live Music, Food and Brewery

Entertainment-Pecan Orchard-Vendor Area


Opening Ceremonies

Chile Queen Auction

Traditional music and dance performances

Live music

Hatch Chile Hat Competition



Live music

young girl with bulging cheeks looks back at parent for encouragement as she holds ice cream cup
close up of Hatch green chiles in a burlap sack
5 hhuge strings of red chiles hang from wooden ramada at Hatch Chile festival
Handmade ristras sold by local vendors at hatch Chile Festival 2021

Order these from Amazon:

On the years I haven’t made it to the Hatch Chile Festival, I use Amazon to have chile products (or chile-prep products like the Traeger) delivered right to my door in Arizona.

Traeger Grills Pro Series 22 Electric Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker, Bronze

Melissa’s Hatch Chile Salsa, Hot, 3 jars (12 oz each)

New Mexico “Christmas Style” Bundle – 1 each of HOT Hatch Green Chili Powder 5 Ounce and HOT Red Chili Powder 8 Ounce Bags

Where to stay for Hatch Chile Festival
author sticks her head through hole in sign painted with huge green chile that reads: Sparky's Hatch NM

Wondering where to stay at Hatch Chile festival? We stayed in Truth or Consequences, which is just up the interstate from Hatch. There are plenty of rooms there or in Las Cruces.

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2 thoughts on “You’ll Never Forget Your Time at Hatch Chile Festival 2024”

  1. Why is there a site that says buy tickets. But it’s free to get in? Also looking to park our Rv for the festival. Where can we stay. We don’t need hook ups. But if there is, great. We’ll be traveling from Phoenix, Az. Our first time in. If we can get a place to park.

    • Hi Monica, The events are all free, but you must pay to park. That’s the way the town supports their festival.
      You park right at the High School – there are signs and traffic control people who get you there easy peasy!
      I’m not sure where you can camp overnight as we stayed at a lovely retro motel in Truth or Consequences. There is the HATCH RV PARK in the Chile Capital of the World – tell us how it is!


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