Lions Poisoned in Kenya and Tanzania near Ngorongoro Crater

Close up of lion sitting in dry grass
Ngorongoro Conservation Area has one of the most dense lion populations on the planet | Photo by UNSTOPPABLE Stacey

20 years ago there were 200,000 lions in Africa. Today there are 30,000 lions in Africa. Lions are being poisoned in Kenya and Tanzania. Learn more at

I was blessed to see plenty of lions when I visited Ngorongoro Conservation Area several years ago. Ngorongoro Crater is home to the most dense population of lion on the planet. With 60-70 lions in this relatively small area (260 km sq. ) we saw many lions on our Ngorongoro safari. I posted this back in 2009 to help create awareness, but now the CBS story is gone. I updated the link to NGS so we can learn more about the problem of lion poisoning. I wonder if the Ngorongoro Conservation Area wildlife conservationists have made any headway with this age old battle between farmers and predators.

In 2009, we were worried about how swine flu was going to affect our mission trip to Tanzania. Read about that and the vaccinations needed for Africa here

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herd of wildebeest raise dust in front of safari vehicle
Wildebeest at Ngorongoro Conservation Area | Photo by UNSTOPPABLE Stacey

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