No Fixed Address: 7 Vagabonding Nomads Who Are Always on the Move

UNSTOPPABLE Stacey drops her pack in northern Spain.
Ever wanted to run screaming from your cubicle and buy a one-way ticket to beyond the horizon? Of course you have — we all have, almost without exception. But having the guts to sell all your belongings and strike out with only a loose plan in mind is something only a select few possess.
Here are six such vagabonds. Their actions are an inspiration to the rest of us, and their blogs allow us to travel vicariously as they report on their unfolding adventures.
A.k.a: Nora Dunn
Time on the Road: Four years
Currently Located in: New Zealand
In 2006, Nora Dunn sold her lucrative financial planning business, and just about everything else she’s owned, to begin her adventure of a lifetime. Dunn spent most of her time in Australia and New Zealand last year (and why not?) but has also toured much of Europe and Canada. Where next? Who knows.

Read More:  Dunn’s site is very candid both in terms of her feelings on the road and the financial and practical implications of full-time travel.

A.k.a: Jason and Aracely Castellani
Time on the Road: Two years
Currently Located in: Central America
After a couple of years packed with crazy backpacking experiences, Jason and Aracely dropped their corporate lifestyles and, seemingly on a whim, took off into the sunset. There are very few places (or activities) they haven’t dipped their collective toes into, and the resulting write-ups and photography is an inspiration to any travel fanatic.
A.k.a: Gary Arndt
Time on the Road: Four years
Currently Located in: Hawaii
A.k.a: Gary Arndt
Time on the Road: Four years
Currently Located in: Hawaii
Gary Arndt is another heavy-hitter in the online travel network. The genesis of his site came when Arndt sold his house, put all his stuff into storage and made his way to the Pacific without so much as a second thought. Speaking for all fans of great travel bloggers, we’re certainly glad he did.Read More:  On the aforementioned Everything Everywhere.

#4   Working your way around the world
A.k.a: Thursday Bram
Time on the Road: Four Years
Currently Located in: Maryland
If you dream of travelling the world and getting paid as you do so, you’re certainly not alone as the vast majority yearn for it but only a handful manage to pull it off. Here is the personal blog of Thursday Bram, a lady who did just that having built up her writing business to enable her to work from anywhere in the globe (while at the same time helpfully offering advice to anyone looking to follow in her footsteps).

A.k.a: Brooke Ferguson
Time on the Road: Many years
Currently Located in: Thailand
Even as a kid, Brooke was a traveler by proxy having moved around a few times for schooling and then higher education. The revelation of wanting to live a traveling lifestyle forever came at the age of 12 on a trip to Canada, and nearly two decades later she’s attained the dream by setting up a business and lifestyle consultancy which takes her around the world to inspire like-minded individuals who want to be vagabonding nomads.

Read More:  Brooke’s nomadic entrepreneur site, in which she imparts life lessons and traveling business tips.

A.k.a: Jeannie Mark
Time on the Road: Just under a year
Currently Located in: India
As the Nomadic Chick herself points out, “[there is] a scarcity of blogs devoted to someone like me, a single lady on the cusp of forty, ready to leave everything she’s known.” And that’s exactly what she did in 2010, ditching life in an office to plunge headfirst into a life on the road starting in Calgary and taking her all the way to deepest Asia. She’s ill at the moment, so drop her a line and wish this vagabonding nomads well.
Read about more vagabonding nomads at
Today I can’t stop exploring the world (I blame it on my father’s Viking blood) and write about my adventures – many as a solo woman traveler. Life isn’t always rosy; I lost my firecracker reasoning skill to head injury in a horrific rollover accident that should have taken my life. Brain injury hasn’t stopped me from traveling, although it sometimes makes for amusing travel antidotes that I hope you will enjoy. That’s why they call me “UNSTOPPABLE!”

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