Recalibrate With These 7 Best Travel Experiences in 2024

I’m excited to reveal these ideas for the best travel experiences in 2024!

Hello to a new year! It’s that time when we look forward to things new and unknown. We make resolutions and set goals, perhaps to wrangle the unexpected into something tangible and doable. When traveling, I tend to leave space open for the yet-to-be-discovered. But if you’re like me, you also appreciate the ideas for the best travel experiences that abound as we head into the New Year.

Trends for the upcoming year point to the outdoors and transformational travel. Let me know if any of these best travel experiences in 2024 make it on your travel bucket list:

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1.) Urban Kayaking

Kayaker looks at Milwaukee skyscrapers while urban kayaking

Escaping the urban frenzy is my kind of travel adventure—and urban kayaking? It’s the perfect blend of city charm and natural tranquility. Just imagine: you slide your kayak into water within the city limits, and in moments, you’re whisked away into the serene world of a river ecosystem, paddling right through the urban landscape.

Take Eau Claire, WI, for example—it’s a hidden gem for this transformative travel experience! Picture this: gliding along the water, we encountered deer gracefully along the banks, fish leaping high—possibly sturgeon—and the delightful sight of Belted Kingfishers. The highlight? A majestic golden eagle, curious and bold, swept down close to our little aquatic adventure. It’s moments like these that transform a simple kayak journey into an unforgettable escape to the wonders of the outdoors.

2.) Eat Crawfish at Lafayette, Louisiana Music Fests

man and woman sit behind huge foil bin of red crawdads
Eat mudbugs at a Louisiana festival | UNSTOPPABLE Stacey photo

Put some South in your mouth, y’all! Eating crawfish might be messy, but it’s fun and one of the essential things to do in Lafayette LA. And eating crawfish—also known as mudbugs—at one of the many music fests throughout the year, you’re in for a double delight!

The local delicacy is served at music fests and crawfish restaurants in the heart of Louisiana’s Cajun and Creole Country. These little crustaceans are more than a snack—they’re a culinary celebration! But you won’t miss out if you’re not in town during a festival!

With over 70 restaurants featured on the Crawfish Passport, you’ve got a golden ticket to whirlwind tours of the tastiest spots in Cajun Country. This nifty guide isn’t just practical. It’s your treasure map to the yummiest hideouts where crawfish reign supreme! Get ready to pinch, peel, eat, and repeat!

Experiencing a new culture, especially by eating food you wouldn’t typically sample, is part of the journey that is transformative travel. Check the festival calendar at

3.) Exotic Camel Riding and Camping in the Sahara

line of camels led by handler makes its way across large caramel-colored dunes as the sun begins to set
Camel caravan across the Sahara could be in your future for 2024 | Our guide captured this image with UNSTOPPABLE Stacey 's camera

Riding a camel caravan through the immense dunes of the Sahara Desert to our overnight camp was, by far, one of my life-changing experiences in Morocco.

Make your own memories with a similar expedition from Marrakesh. Watching the sun set and rise over the Sahara Desert will be worth the splurge.

And then that blanket of stars over our tent camp during the night was simply mesmerizing!

Learn more at Is Morocco an expensive place to visit?

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4.) Call of the Wild: Grand Canyon Glamping

red foliage in forground, glamping tent behind with dawning sun shining on its creamy walls and panoramic windows
The sun comes up and a new day dawns on Tent 5 at Backland in northern Arizona

You’re keen on camping, but your significant other shies away from “roughing it.”

Well, a relatively new phenomenon called “glamping” combines exploring the Great Outdoors with glamourous amenities once found only in resort hotels.

The craze has hit the Grand Canyon with chef-prepared meals at Backland Glamping or a resort-style swimming pool and spa at Village Camp. Whichever you choose, glamping is sure to be a glam adventure that you’ll tell the kids about for years to come!

5.) Bask on Greek Island Beaches

turquoise waters draw the focus towards a white island with white sand beach
Escape to Greek island beaches in 2024 | George Vergados photo

Stick your toes into the sun-kissed sands of Greek island beaches. There are so many to choose from that you can find an uncrowded paradise waiting for you. Planning your perfect Greek beach getaway, complete with stone villages and affordable food and lodging, is manageable with my website’s Best Beaches in the Peloponnese guide.


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6.) Walk in the Steps of Saint Francis in Assisi, Italy

For those seeking a tranquil and soulful journey, the Way of St. Francis in Umbria, Italy, offers a serene path less trodden. Imagine gently walking through lush landscapes of olive groves and vineyards, where each step is a peaceful embrace of nature. Come nightfall, the charm of local wayside hotels welcomes you, offering a taste of the region’s wine and cuisine.

This path, less bustling than the famed Camino de Santiago in Spain, is a haven for spiritual adventurers yearning for a soothing and reflective experience.

7.) Closer to Home: Ride the Verde Canyon RR

Entering the handcut tunnel on the Verde Canyon Railway takes you into pitch darkness | courtesy photo

For something closer to home, put the Verde Canyon Railroad on your 2024 travel bucket list. The Verde Canyon Railroad is consistently listed as one of the state’s top attractions and carries about 100,000 passengers annually. As a Northern Arizona resident for almost 30 years, I’m always excited when people visit so I can ride the relaxing rails again and again.

Sometimes, I don’t even wait for out-of-state houseguests and escape the confines of modern life by riding the historic railway. Like my hubby and I did recently. There’s nothing like rocking on the rails that relaxes me more.

That’s not to say that the Verde Canyon Railroad isn’t exciting. The toot-toot telling us the engine is pulling away from the Clarkdale station always brings a zing to my heart! The same happens when I see a soaring bald eagle gliding in the Verde Canyon below.

In 2024, you can book a Chocolate Lovers’ Special for February, Uncorked Wine Tastings on the patio in May and Moonlight Excursions in the summer. You can even go to my website and download a list of Verde Canyon railway sites along the way.

Conclusion: Recalibrate With These 7 Best Travel Experiences in 2024

We hope you enjoyed this article entitled, Recalibrate With These 7 Best Travel Experiences in 2024. With travel in the upcoming year trending to more outdoor experiences and transformational travel, we hope a few of our ideas land on your 2024 bucket list!

Please let us know in the comments below if you want to add another place or experience to this list!


Table of Contents

PIN this in your Bucket List Travel folder!
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