Solo Female Travel Guide Features Advice by UNSTOPPABLE Stacey

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UNSTOPPABLE Stacey tapped for solo women travel expertise

I was excited to be featured in a solo female travel guide recently. The guide entitled “Solo Female Travel: How to Keep You and Your Finances Safe,” was recently published by

Safeguarding your money while traveling

As we all know, females face unique challenges when traveling solo, and this guide addresses some of those issues. I was pulled in for my unique take on safeguarding your money while traveling. While traveling solo as a corporate businesswoman from to 1981 until 2008 when I became a professional travel writer, I learned a lot about travel safety for businesswoman traveling alone. What I learned then as a businesswoman traveling alone applies to all solo female travel today.

Three stashes of cash, credit cards and ID

One of the things I learned, and still practice is what I call ‘Security in Redundancy.’ I keep three separate and ‘redundant’ stashes of cash, credit cards and ID while I travel. The guide quotes me as saying:

I keep one credit card, my passport and a day’s worth of cash in a wallet in my zippered pocket or sling handbag. Another credit card and form of identification, copies of my passport and credit cards and most of my cash are in a cotton money belt that is secure around my waist and inaccessible under my clothing,” says Wittig. “In a third stash, which I keep hidden inside my suitcase or backpack, is another credit card, a small amount of emergency cash and additional copies of my passport and credit cards.”

“When checked into hotel rooms or cruise ship cabins, I leave the waist wallet locked in the safe. Then if someone grabs my handbag, the perp gets only one-third of my loot. If they make off with the stash that includes my passport, then I have copies to take to the Embassy,” Wittig says.

Get the solo women travelers guide here

Read the whole well-researched solo women travelers guide at It includes instructions on safeguarding your money and identity, and what to do if your information is compromised.

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UNSTOPPABLE Stacey is an Arizona travel writer who writes about solo female travel and the safety issue of traveling solo. She has traveled many parts of the world as a solo female and loves to give advice and encouragement to others.  Disclosure: The seasoned travel blogger was not compensated for this article. Follow her on Instagram at


3 thoughts on “Solo Female Travel Guide Features Advice by UNSTOPPABLE Stacey”

  1. That traveller’s guide including your great tips is soooo comprehensive. But I would add just two things:
    1. Never wear your shoulderbag over the shoulder which is on the kerbside of the road due to crazy thieves on motorbikes. My friend was actually dragged down a street in Dar es Salaam because she couldn’t get her arm out!!😬😰
    2. For older women travelling alone, consider joining an organisation like SisterStay so you can stay with another verified female over 50 who will welcome you into her home like a friend.

    • Thank you much for your tips for staying safe while traveling as a solo woman. That is CRAZY about your friend in Dar es Salaam! That image in my head will definitely remind me to keep my shoulder bag facing away from traffic. Also, I like the tip about SisterStay…I’ll have to check it out!


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