How to Protect Your Skin During Your Grand Canyon Adventures

UPDATED February 2, 2024 — The intense sun and harsh weather conditions encountered during Grand Canyon adventures can be challenging for those unprepared.

To ensure a safe and enjoyable Grand Canyon experience, taking the necessary precautions to protect your skin from sunburn and heat exhaustion is crucial.

In this article, we’ll be sharing tips and advice from DeeAnn Tracy, a former Grand Canyon river guide who has seen firsthand the effects of the sun on visitors and has learned how to survive and thrive in this stunning environment.

From selecting the proper sun protection to understanding the importance of hydration, read on to learn how to stay protected while enjoying the beauty of the Grand Canyon.

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“Getting to experience the Grand Canyon as a river guide was one of the most meaningful, life-changing experiences I’ve ever had,” says Dee Ann Tracy. “The contrast of being so far away from civilization, with only nature and all its wonders surrounding me, combined with seeing the adoration on my clients’ faces as they achieved something new, made every day worth it.

Prepare for These Harsh Conditions Throughout Your Grand Canyon Adventures

white hot sun burns through orange colored sky
The sun is most often unrelenting in the Grand Canyon | Photo by Andrey Grinkevich on Unsplash
Woman in trucker's hat and sunglasses pulls sunscreen out of her pack during one of her Grand Canyon adventures
Hat, sunglasses, long sleeves and sunscreen help protect from the effects of the Grand Canyon's intense sun | Courtesy photo

“What consistently contradicted the immense beauty we experienced during these Grand Canyon adventures were the intense conditions that this majestic place presented.

“Tumultuous winds, extreme temperatures, and a wide range of environmental factors threatened to harm our body’s natural defenses against harsh elements,” the former river guide describes.

“Your skin inevitably takes a beating, expressed as parched lips from dehydration, sunburns from the unforgiving heat and dryness from standing up against strong winds.

Skincare designed for anyone who loves spending time outdoors

“But rather than let these conditions ruin my experience, they inspired me to create a skincare line specifically designed for anyone who loves spending time outdoors that needs a little extra oomph in their skin protection!” says DeeAnn.

“My journey towards blending natural ingredients together began at the base of this geographical masterpiece and has now taken off into its own unique brand.”

Products Designed To Protect You and the Environment by Using Non-toxic, Eco-friendly Sunscreens

close up of tin of balm and glass spray container on desert floor
Wander the West formulas feature the highest quality herbal extracts, oils and butters that soothe and calm dry, chapped skin | Courtesy photo

“Many travelers don’t realize just how harsh the conditions are that await them when visiting the Grand Canyon. Our products were designed to protect you from the elements by using non-toxic, eco-friendly sunscreens that won’t damage the precious environment.

“Beyond that, our desert essence balms include time-honored native plant species as a main ingredient. It brings dry, cracked skin back to life, sealing off cuts or bruises that may occur while adventuring in this unrelenting terrain and creating a protective barrier against wear and tear,” assures the Flagstaff local expert.

woman sits on rock jetting over canyon and water below, she holds in her hand a mister and is applying mist to her face
DeeAnn spraying her favorite cooling face mist | Courtesy photo

Biodegradable and Earth-friendly Sun Protection

“All of our products are biodegradable and earth-friendly. So washing your face, applying anti-aging serum, sunscreen or moisturizer, or spraying your favorite cooling face mist (yes, we are obsessed with these) while on your Grand Canyon adventures can be done without a second thought,” she promises.

Prepare for Your Grand Canyon Adventures: Where To Find Peak Scent Products

In the Wander the West collection, the all-purpose balm can be used as lip, body or hair sun protection

“We are excited to announce that our sunscreens, balms, face creams, and more are now stocked at Xanterra’s Hopi House and El Tovar Gift Shop on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon,” reveals the skincare professional.

“If you’re starting your journey in Williams, you can also find a stock of our products at the Grand Canyon Railway. For customers in or passing through Flagstaff, stop into our Peak Scents storefront on Butler Avenue across from Warner’s Nursery. Winter Sun Trading Co. in downtown Flagstaff carries our collections as well!

Conclusion: Sun Protection During Your Grand Canyon Adventures

rafts look miniature compared to tall canyon walls at confluence of two rivers during Grand Canyon adventures
Grand Canyon adventures in the majesty of this natural wonder of the world | UNSTOPPABLE Stacey photo

The Grand Canyon is an intense and unforgiving place, so it’s essential to be prepared for anything and everything you might encounter on your Grand Canyon adventures. Make sure you:

  • bring plenty of water,
  • wear light-weight clothing that covers your skin,
  • always have electrolytes in your water,
  • try to keep your active hiking times confined to low-sun hours, such as in the early morning or evening,
  • apply sunscreen all over the skin, and don’t forget to include your ears and neck,
  • wear a hat and sunglasses at all times, and
  • bring lots of healthy energy-producing snacks.

“You can find all of your skincare needs to prepare for your Grand Canyon adventures by visiting our online store or stopping at one of our Northern Arizona locations listed above,” says DeeAnn. “Happy (safe) trails!”

DeeAnn Tracy has been developing all-natural skin products for the Grand Canyon lifestyle since 1993. Experience with her mother’s herbal apothecary, botanical medicine schooling and her love of the outdoors come together to innovate skincare products that give people results without harmful chemicals found in other brands.

Peak Scents 1000 E Butler Ave Suite 101, Flagstaff, AZ 86001  |  928-556-9499

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woman applies lip sun protection during her Grand Canyon adventures

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