Thailand Celebrates 1M Annual Visitors: UNSTOPPABLE Stacey goes to Hollywood

Polaroid photo of travel writers with Amazing Thailand logo


Hollywood Party to Celebrate 1M Tourists to Thailand

UNSTOPPABLE Stacey joined the Tourism Authority of Thailand to celebrate 1M visitors during the 2017 tourist season.  She was invited because of her partnership  with the organization as a travel writer. The celebratory party aptly named “A Million Thanks” brought Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) partners together for an extravaganza party at Wanderlust Hollywood in Los Angeles, California, where the venue was transformed into a Thai Street Market.
photo of Thai food garnished with pink orchid

Tourism Authority of Thailand media partner

“I was so excited to finally eat authentic Thai food after my trip to Thailand last November,” said the Arizona travel writer. “So I was in seventh heaven eating and talking to the Thai street food vendors that TAT brought in especially for the party.”
Unstoppable Stacey gets chair massage from Thai massage therapists at TAT party
Authentic Thai massage at Hollywood Party

“I also got a Thai massage, danced with the other fabulous travel writers that I met on the TAT Thailand trip, and posed for Instagram photos in a real Thai tuk tuk. It was almost as much fun as traveling to Thailand,” Unstoppable Stacey stated, who while in Bangkok was awestruck by the magnificent rooftop bars.

Bella-Stacey-Wittig-Pat-Bailey-pose in Tuk-tuk
Travel writers Bella Graham, Stacey Wittig and Pat Bailey Russo pose in Thai Tuk Tuk

Travel Disaster Averted

The Arizona travel writer almost missed the party when her airplane was delayed out of Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. “I’d flown in from Flagstaff and was waiting for my connection in Phoenix to my next flight to Burbank,” said the seasoned traveler. “Fellow travel writer Suzanne Stavert [of Adventures of Empty Nesters blog] was picking me up at the airport and then driving me to her home in Pasadena to get primped for the party. The plane that was to take me there was delayed in Albuquerque. As my flight continued to be delayed, I texted Suzanne and told her not to leave for the Burbank airport.”
“I was pretty much freaking out that I was going to miss the party… I wasn’t so sure how long it would take to drive the LA freeways to Hollywood. I calmed myself by Googling the distance and traffic — only 25 minutes from BUR to Wanderlust Hollywood.” Unfortunately the late plane didn’t allow time for UNSTOPPABLE Stacey to go to Suzanne’s home to change. And it was a VERY SMALL 76-passenger tube-like CRJ9 aircraft.
The CRJ9 was similar to the aircraft depicted here
The regional jet has a toilet in the tail where the ceiling curves over the occupant’s head making them crouch. “I am glad that I have hidden talents; like a crouching tiger,” laughed the travel writer. “I ended up changing from my Flagstaff fleece and yoga pants into my evening gown in the tiny toilet of the plane.”

BEFORE and AFTER photos of Unstoppable Stacey travel writer's mini-toilet dressing experience

BEFORE and AFTER the mini-toilet dressing experience

UNSTOPPABLE Stacey makes debut Hollywood film appearance

Check out the exciting TAT party on this YouTube vid. Can you spot UNSTOPPABLE Stacey in her debut Hollywood film appearance?

Tourism Authority of Thailand
Wanderlust Hollywood
“UNSTOPPABLE Stacey” Wittig is a travel writer based in Flagstaff, Arizona. Like this story? Then sign up for email alerts below.

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