The Best Way To Get From Orlando Airport to Disney World

Are you looking for the best way to get from Orlando airport to Disney World? It can be difficult to decide because of the many options. But fortunately, there ARE many options when choosing the best way to get from Orlando airport to Disney World.

We make it easy for you—take a look:

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I took a red-eye flight from Phoenix on my recent trip to Orlando. So when I arrived at MCO (the airport code for Orlando International Airport) with a sleep-deprived brain, I was in no shape to start making decisions about ground transportation.

That’s one reason I recommend making arrangements for how to get from MCO to Disney ahead of time.

Fun Fact: The airport designator code “MCO” dates to the former McCoy Air Force Base, named for Colonel Michael N. W. McCoy


There’s no time like today

There’s no time like the present to figure out how to get from Orlando airport to Disney and make your reservations. Like I said earlier, you have many options, so why not reserve now the best way to get from Orlando airport to Disney World? Here are your choices:

1.) Rent a car

Renting a car is easy, and it’s convenient to pick up your vehicle at the Orlando airport.

However, the downside is that you must pay for parking each day at your hotel property.

On the other hand, Disney hotels like the one I stayed at have free transportation to the theme parks around Disney. So then, your rental car would sit in the hotel parking lot during your Disney vacation, racking up your vacation expenses.

So save your hard-earned cash by not paying parking fees, rental car insurance and valet tips when you avoid renting a car for your Disney vacation.

2.) Schedule a towncar ahead of time—the best way to get from Orlando airport to Disney World

The best way to get from Orlando airport to Disney World is by pre-arranged towncar service.

I used Mears Transportation, so my friendly driver Sam awaited me right before I entered the baggage claim area.

Not only did Sam have a welcoming sign that made me feel like a VIP, but he told me at which carousel my luggage was arriving. Then he held my carry-on bag while I retrieved my checked suitcase.

Afterward, he rolled both bags to his vehicle, a brand-new Ford Expedition with a luxurious black leather interior.

Sam, the expert driver, then whisked me directly to my Disney World Swan Reserve hotel. Cost estimates are $124-$155 plus tip.

Scheduling a towncar, luxury sedan, limousine service, or van shuttle is a fantastic way to kick off your Disney vacation! And you don’t have to worry about parking fees, valet tips, rental car insurance or driving on unfamiliar four-lane freeways.

Tip: When in Orlando, be sure to check out Universal Studios Volcano Bay

man in suit and tie looks down at sign reading, "Stacey Wittig" at MCO airport
Sam from Mears Transportation made it very easy for me when trying to figure out how to get from Mock to Disney World
woman with glasses smiles brightly while she hold water bottle inside black leather interior of limo, one of Best-way-to-get-from-Orlando-Airport-to-Disney-World.
UNSTOPPABLE Stacey rocks the start of her Disney vacation with a luxe ride to her hotel

3.) Call Uber once you arrive at MCO

busy, crowded airport shows woman confused about which way to next with elevator in front of her going down
Orlando International Airport (MCO) Photo by Sean Nufer on Unsplash

Another way how to get from Orlando airport to Disney is to call Uber or Lyft. It might cost a bit less, but you’ll have to find your way through the airport to the ‘Ride App Pickup’ location. And hopefully, your phone is still charged after your flight into MCO.

At the time of this writing, an Uber costs $35-40 to get from the Orlando airport to Disney.

4.) Hail a taxi

sign from the top of taxicab reading 'TAXI' is in focus while exterior of airport terminal is out of focus in the background
Taxi is one way how to get from Orlando airport to Disney | Photo by Peter Kasprzyk on Unsplash

Taxicabs are convenient as they are already waiting for customers at the Orlando airport. However, you’ll pay for the convenience. The price estimate for taxi service from MCO to Disney is $65-$75 plus tip, depending on the area in Disney you are going.

Remember the wise words of Benjamin Franklin, and “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.”

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