23 Things to Do in Eau Claire WI Praised by Popular Travel Bloggers

“Things to Do in Eau Claire WI” is not just a list but a journey through the city’s best attractions, and who better to guide you than seasoned travel bloggers? Delve into their top picks and uncover the allure of this Wisconsin gem through the eyes of the experts. These are their first-hand accounts.

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Eau Claire, WI, is fast becoming a favored destination, and who better to guide you through its hidden treasures than seasoned travel bloggers? Here’s what they say about things to do in Eau Claire WI:

1.) Off-The-Radar Things To Do in Eau Claire WI: Playing Kubb

4 young people stand on flat, grassy lawn in front of blue and white wooden blocks one of the things to do in Eau Claire WI
Playing kubb is a must-do activity when visiting Eau Claire | Photo by Darla Graff

“Eau Claire is the recognized ‘Kubb Capital of North America,’ so naturally, playing kubb is a must-do activity when visiting this Chippewa Valley city,” reports Colorado blogger Darla Graff. “Sometimes called Viking Lawn Chess, kubb is pronounced ‘koob’.  

“The basics of kubb are simple: teams take turns throwing wooden batons across a rectangular field to knock over short wooden blocks, or kubbs. Once all opponent kubbs are taken out of play, toppling the king, a heftier piece in the center of the playing field, wins the game. But beware: felling the king any other time is an instant loss!

Easy to learn but requiring skill, kubb is one of the things to do in Eau Claire WI

“Kubb is easy to learn but requires skill, precision and strategy to toss the baton just right and select replacement spots for fallen kubbs,” says Darla, publisher of Darla Travels. “Nonetheless, people of most ages and fitness levels can play kubb, making it an excellent choice for mixed gatherings.  

“You can find kubb pitches around Eau Claire, like the one at the Lakely Restaurant behind the Oxbow Hotel. Additionally, most Eau Claire hotels have kubb sets to lend out.  

“And if you’d rather be a spectator, head to the annual U.S. National Kubb Championship in Eau Claire to see the pros in action,” Darla suggests.

You’ll read more about Eau Claire hotels in the popular travel bloggers’ recommendations below.

2.) Local Bloggers' Pick for Top Things To Do in Eau Claire WI

collage of photos include green cucumbers, bunches of carrots, a line up of beets and radishes and an interior shot of the farmers market structure one of the reasons this is on the list of best things to do in Eau Claire WI
What to expect at Eau Claire Downtown Farmers Market | Photos by Angie & Jeff of Thrifty Living Travel Freedom

“When we’re traveling, whether on a local weekend trip or an international trip, we often spend time wandering farmers’ markets,” divulges Angie of Thrifty Living Travel Freedom.

“We have enjoyed farmers’ markets in Greece, Germany, and Madagascar and well-known and renowned domestic farmer’s markets like Highlands Square in Denver and Dane County in Madison, WI.

“From all of these varied experiences, we’re wowed by how well the Eau Claire Downtown Farmers Market in our hometown holds up to, and quite frankly outshines, these other markets we have enjoyed,” stresses Angie, who travels and blogs with her husband, Jeff.

“We’re really quite surprised that Eau Claire’s Downtown Farmers’ Market doesn’t show up on more of the best farmers’ markets in Wisconsin lists.

Like Goldilocks, the Farmers Market is just right

“We love it because it is big enough to offer an abundance of fresh local food but small enough to provide easy parking, small crowds and an ability to have a conversation with the person who grew your food without them having to tend to long lines of shoppers.

“Oh, and did we mention that the Eau Claire Downtown Farmers’ Market prices are pretty great? The Eau Claire Downtown Farmers’ Market gets our vote for the BEST Farmers’ Market in Wisconsin. Another great reason to Visit Eau Claire!” says Angie about her pick for top things to do in Eau Claire WI.

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3.) Family Fun in Eau Claire: The Children's Museum

14-year-old girl holds electric tire ratchet to 3/4-size toy red car while feet of her 4 year-old sister stick out from underneath the elevate truck - she's on a mechanic's roller underneath
The Children's Museum is one of the best things to do in Eau Claire with families | Phoenyx Powell photo

“Ever walked past that buzzing hub of joy in the heart of town? That’s right, I’m talking about the Children’s Museum of Eau Claire,” says content creator Phoenyx Powell. “It’s not just some quiet corner with a few dusty exhibits; it’s the *epicenter* of childlike wonder!

“This isn’t your average ‘keep-the-kids-busy’ spot,” the North Caroline blogger shares about her pick for best things to do in Eau Claire WI.

“The Children’s Museum is a wild roller coaster of creativity, blending the whimsy of play with the thrill of discovery. Got a mini-Mozart or a budding Bill Nye at home? This is their stage, studio and science lab all rolled into one.

Visiting sometimes multiple times a day

“Our two adventurers, Evelyn (14) and River (4), tagged along with us to TBEX North America in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.* On the days we were busy, they would both visit the Children’s Museum of Eau Claire, sometimes multiple times a day,” discloses Phoenyx, who blogs at Phoenyx Rises.

“Though it’s typically a scene for kids twelve and under, don’t tell Evelyn that. She’d never admit to having a blast, but I caught her losing herself in the fun more than once.

“And River? Oh, that girl would’ve set up camp if we let her! The only way to lure her away each time was with the promise of ice cream.

…it’s an experience, a laugh-out-loud, ‘whoa-did-you-see-that’ family escapade

“This isn’t merely a place; it’s an experience, a laugh-out-loud, ‘whoa-did-you-see-that’ family escapade. So, gear up, rally the troops, and make a beeline for Eau Claire’s Children’s Museum. Believe me, it’s where memories are just waiting to be made!” promises Phoenyx.

*300 travel bloggers and travel content creators converged on Eau Claire for the 2023 North America TBEX (travel bloggers exchange) in July. The bloggers featured in this story are some of the most popular.

4.) Fun Things To Do in Eau Claire: Explore the Urban Trails

Eau Claire walking path with public art | Photo by Mike Shubic

“Eau Claire’s network of walking trails is a treasure trove of scenic beauty and tranquility, creating an intimate relationship between nature and the urban landscape,” says Mike Subic of Mike’s Road Trip.

“Winding seamlessly through the city, these trails dip into serene parks, trace the curves of the riverbanks and crisscross over pedestrian-only bridges, providing endless routes for exploration,” the Arizona blogger reports.

“Whether you’re walking, jogging or cycling, the trails are a serene retreat, offering stunning views of the city’s two rivers and an opportunity to appreciate Eau Claire’s impressive commitment to public art.

What makes this one of the top things to do in Eau Claire WI?

“From intriguing sculptures to vibrant murals, the art adorning these pathways adds an extra layer of charm, turning a casual stroll into a cultural journey.

“Encountering a new piece of art around every bend keeps the walks exciting and inspiring, enhancing the already captivating natural backdrop,” Mike describes.

“Altogether, Eau Claire’s walking trails offer an immersive experience that paints a beautiful picture of the city’s ability to marry its urban core with its natural surroundings, a harmony that truly encapsulates the spirit of Eau Claire,” sums the content creator.

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5.) Spending the Day on Lake Wissota in a Pontoon Boat

Pontoon boat anchored on Lake Wissota | Julie Gazdecki photo

“Explore the 6,300 acres of man-made Lake Wissota by renting a pontoon boat from Lake Wissota Lodge,” submits Julie Gazdecki, blogger at HowWeFindHappy.com.

“It had been a long time since my husband and I took a pontoon ride around lakes in the Midwest. He mentioned to me that it was the most relaxed he had felt in almost a year. I would say it was a winning choice for us to spend a day on the lake.

“Choose from three different-sized pontoon boats to accommodate your group of up to twelve people. Prices range from $200 to $275 for the day,” says the expert about her choice of best things to do in Eau Claire, WI.

“Cruise around the lake, taking in the sights or find a beach to anchor and relax. You’ll find several places to stop, dip your feet in the water and take a walk.

Cheese curds and pizza

“Bring a cooler of goodies, but if you need to eat out, I highly recommend The Edge Pub.

“Be sure to get their cheese curds and pizza. A perfect way to enjoy the natural beauty Wisconsin has to offer.

“Fun fact: if Lake Wissota sounds familiar, it’s because Jack Dawson (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) mentions it in the Titanic movie when he stops Rose from jumping overboard.

“However, Lake Wissota didn’t exist until 1917, when it was formed by the Wissota Hydroelectric Dam on the Chippewa River. That was five years after the Titanic sank,” reports the Michigan-based travel blogger. Boating was one of his favorite things to do in Eau Claire WI.

6.) Add Lazy Monk Brewery to Your List of Things To Do in Eau Claire WI

Unfinished mural above the urinals in the men’s room depicts three young village women looking down and suppressing giggles
Mural above the urinals in the men’s room at Lazy Monk Brewing | Tim Leffel photo

“My afternoon ‘Beer and Cheese Curds Tour’ of Eau Claire was a joy, but one spot stood out on the fun scale,” declares Tim Leffel, the author of The World’s Cheapest Destinations book and often writes about beer on Perceptive Travel and the Cheapest Destinations Blog.

“By the time we got to Lazy Monk Brewing, we already had a few pints in our bellies, but this place gave us a second wind.

“Resembling a Czech or Bavarian beer hall with an outdoor beer garden, it felt clear from the start that the owners don’t take themselves too seriously.

“The kitschy decorations include Bavarian costumes and a white wooden goat. A mural above the urinals in the men’s room depicts three young village women looking down and suppressing giggles,” Tim reports about the best things to do in Eau Claire WI.

“The beer itself is serious, however, crafted by someone who likes to experiment but doesn’t mess around with the classics.

“There’s a great Czech Pilsner always on draft, as well as a Marzen dark beer that you’ll find in pubs all over Bavaria and Bohemia.

“If you want to branch out, though, the 14 taps rotate with 12 beers—such as a farmhouse ale, Imperial Stout, or Bock—but there’s also a low-alcohol strawberry rhubarb Radler and an old-fashioned root beer,” adds the knowledgable traveler and blogger.

7.) Take In the #1 Largest Sculpture Tour in the Nation!

Eau Claire's Sculpture Tour is the largest outdoor sculpture in the US | Ruby Escalona photo
“Eau Claire’s Sculpture Tour is the largest outdoor sculpture tour in the US, dotted between Eau Claire’s downtown and neighboring cities,” describes Ruby Escalona of  A Journey We Love.
“On a recent visit to Eau Claire, we got to see a few of them around the various streets and establishments in the downtown area, as well as while driving through the streets of the city,” the Florida-based blogger tells.
“They make for a great walk around the city and are like a scavenger hunt to find the best sculptures around. 

Get the sculpture map to guide you

“Make sure to pick up a map to guide you to where the sculptures are, or you can go to the official Sculpture Tour website from Visit Eau Claire, which has a downloadable map. Best of all, the sculpture tour is entirely free of charge and open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,” Rudy reveals about his #1 pick for fun things to do in Eau Claire WI.

8.) Crazy Things To Do in Eau Claire WI: Horseradish Farm Tour

woman in black cowboy hat and pink shirt points to pile of horseradish root behind her
Veronica Bareman, The Hip Grandma at the horseradish farm | Courtesy photo

“The first thing you see when you visit Huntsinger Farms is the charming farmhouse that serves as a proud reminder that this business is family-owned and has been in operation for over 90 years,” says Veronica Bareman, also known as ‘The Hip Grandma.’

“But don’t underestimate this quaint farmhouse.  Within its walls lies a Horseradish empire!” reveals Veronica, who blogs at HipGrandmaLife.com.

“The company was founded in 1929 by Ellis Huntsinger, who started growing horseradish on a few acres of land in Wisconsin.  Today the horseradish grows in a five- to seven-year rotation with corn, soybeans and other forage crops. This helps to keep the soil healthy and productive,” explains the Holland, MI-based blogger.  Huntsinger Farms is the world’s largest grower and processor of horseradish.

“The horseradish is harvested in both spring and fall. The roots are then placed in cold storage until they are processed, bottled and sold under the Silver Spring brand. 

“A peek into the cooler when we visited displayed over two million pounds of horseradish roots, ready for processing!” she tells about one of her fave things to do in Eau Claire WI.

Beyond horseradish

“In addition to horseradish, Silver Spring also processes and sells a variety of mustards, sauces, and other quality food products. 

“You may be lucky enough to get a taste of their beer and brat mustard, freshly served out of a really cool Kegerator!  But be careful – it’s wicked strong and might just clear your sinuses!” The Hip Grandma warns. Eau Claire, WI has been called the Horse Radish Capital of the World because of Huntsinger Farms.

“I never thought about how horseradish is produced, so a tour of this farm was certainly an eye-opening experience for this Hip Grandma! 

“It is clear that Huntsinger Farms is committed to providing its customers with the best possible products and services, she concludes.

Find The Hip Grandma on Instagram.

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9.) Top Nighttime Attraction in Eau Claire: Why the Pablo Center is a Must-Visit

night time scene of arched suspension walking bridge lit with purple, pink and green lights leads to modern building lit with beautiful lights for one of the night-time things to do in Eau Claire WI
The Pablo Center at night is one of the best things to do in Eau Claire WI | Photo by Nichole Holze

“As a first-time attendee to TBEX, and a first-time visitor to Eau Claire, Wisconsin, I was unsure what to expect. Whatever expectations I had were completely blown away!” says travel blogger Nichole Holze.

“The TBEX conference was one of the best I have ever been to–everyone was so kind and welcoming. One of my favorite parts of Eau Claire was the beautiful Pablo Center at the Confluence and Haymarket Plaza, which transforms into something magical at night.

Reasons this should be one of the things you do in Eau Claire WI

“There are elaborate fire pits that feel like works of art themselves,” remarks the content creator who blogs at Luckeywanderes.com. “The plaza has ample seating on benches spread throughout and walkways that overlook the confluence of the Chippewa River and Eau Claire River.

“The splash pad stays on all night, dancing to the music with led lights illuminating each water spray. The lights change colors, and it’s beautiful,” she says about her pick for top things to do in Eau Claire WI.

“Just beyond the plaza is the Phoenix Park footbridge, which is a dazzling spectacle at night. Each truss of the bridge is lit up with bright colors that reflect off the water of the Eau Claire River below.

“Downtown Eau Claire hosts events at the plaza all summer long, both during the day and at night. Be sure to check out their ‘Party on the Plaza’ events that bring farmer’s markets and live music throughout the warmer months,” recommends Nichole.

10.) Game Night at Reboot Social for Fun Things To Do in Eau Claire WI

young people stand at game machines in a line playing
Enjoying a Game Night at Reboot Social | Courtesy photo
7 young people stand at 7 retro gaming machines which are the best things to do in Eau Claire WI
Reboot Social's retro arcade has over 30 games | Courtesy photo

“Head to Reboot Social in Downtown Eau Claire for your next game night,” recommends Lily Comp, travel blogger at Office to Outdoors

“This unique business has a retro arcade with over 30 games like Frogger and Tetris, over 15 pinball machines, and tons of board games. Make sure to bring cash so you can get tokens for the game play.

“Looking for a group activity? Reserve a lane for a game or two of duckpin bowling. The game is very similar to bowling, except the pins are shorter, thinner and lighter than traditional bowling pins. And the ball used is smaller, making it more difficult to roll a strike.

To make up for the difficulty, bowlers are allowed three rolls per frame rather than the traditional two. Reboot Social has four lanes available for bowling, and each lane can accommodate up to 10 people,” reports Lily, who writes from her Madison, WI, home when she’s not away.

“If you work up an appetite while enjoying your game night, Reboot Social offers a large food and drink menu for all taste buds,” says the in-the-know Wisconsonian.

11.) Groovy Things To Do in Eau Claire WI: Pizza Night at Dancing Yarrow Farm

fence in foreground has pizza spelled on its wooden slats with reused plastic letters from various signs - a barn is in the background, green lawns abound
Pizza Nights at Farm to Fork Pizza at Dancing Yarrow is one of the best things to do in Eau Claire WI | Photo by Anna Abbott of Redheadtraveler.com

“Experience the sights and sounds of Pizza Nights at Farm to Fork Pizza at Dancing Yarrow, a charming retreat just 30 minutes south of Eau Claire, notes Anna Abbott of Redheadtraveler.com. Dancing Yarrow is known as ‘the hippie farm’ by locals.

“This weekly event, held Thursday evenings from May to September, offers a sensory journey of flavors and ambiance and is one of the best things to do in Eau Claire WI.

“Enjoy a variety of woodfired pizzas, some adorned with creative toppings like carrots, and end your evening with a seasonal dessert pizza. Adjacent, a full-service bar caters custom drinks, with the refreshing tequila Paloma cocktail as a highlight.

“Seating options encompass indoor and outdoor spaces, including a sprawling fire ring. Alternatively, bring your own seating to relax on the expansive lawn. Live music complements the inviting atmosphere, featuring local musicians or open mic sessions, fostering a laid-back vibe,” describes Anna.

“Couples, friends, and families find a welcoming haven in this family-friendly locale, where artistry, camaraderie, and relaxation abound,” she says.


  • No reservations are necessary.
  • Well-behaved dogs are welcome.
  • Gluten-free crust and plant-based toppings are available.

12.) Best Things to Do in Eau Claire WI: Kayak the Chippewa River With Loupy's

one orange kayak with reclining woman and one blue kayak with younger woman float in calm river with tree-lined shore behind for one of the best things to do in Eau Claire WI
Bloggers UNSTOPPABLE Stacey and Phoenix Powell relax in their kayaks | Robin O'Neal Smith photo
“Paddling the Chippewa River has to be the best of things to do in Eau Claire, WI,” travel journalist Stacey Wittig exclaims. “It’s such a peaceful, relaxing escape, but you’re so close to town!” Flanked by nature, the Chippewa River runs right through downtown Eau Claire.
“We were so close to town, but so far away!” says Stacey, who writes about kayaking, among other adventuring, at UnstoppableStaceyTravel.com. “That’s what makes kayaking one of the top things to do in Eau Claire.”
“We saw deer, jumping fish which might have been a sturgeon, Belted Kingfishers and a curious golden eagle, which swooped down towards us,” she reports. “It was a great escape into the outdoors.
“You can rent kayaks, canoes or tubes from Loupy’s Bar and Grill and kayak/canoe rental,” explains the blogger. “We met Loupy himself when he helped us with kayaks, paddles and life vests. Then we floated for one-two hours, taking out at Loupy’s fun Tiki bar and volleyball courts. Come wintertime, Loupy’s has the world’s only heated sandpit volleyball dome.”

13.) Best Things to Do in Eau Claire WI: Stay at the Lismore Hotel

urban scape with sea green mural on brick building and across the street a modern facade of black and grey tiles with sign reading, "The Lismore," the roof top bar is one of the things to do in Eau Claire WI
The vibrant downtown Eau Claire WI | Anthony Quill photo

“No visit to Eau Claire is complete without a stay at the enchanting Lismore Hotel,” says blogger Anthony Quill, naming the hotel one of the best things to do in Eau Claire WI.

“In the heart of downtown Eau Claire, it is within walking distance to many of the city’s attractions, including the Pablo Center, the Chippewa and Eau Claire Rivers, and bars and restaurants galore.

“The Lismore’s updated rooms offer a haven of tranquility, each equipped with plush bedding, modern amenities and picturesque views of the city or the Chippewa River,” describes the frequent business and leisure traveler.

“The hotel offers three dining options. ECDC Coffee shop is great for coffee, espresso-based beverages and breakfast treats.

“The Informalist offers everything from brunch to wood-fired pizzas, all with a focus on ethically-sourced ingredients.

“Finally, Dive, equipped with a stylish ambiance and rooftop patio, specializes in craft cocktails done right!” the travel expert reveals.

“The Lismore Hotel’s location is a gateway to discover the city’s vibrant cultural scene. Art galleries, music venues, and boutique shops are just a stroll away, perfect for immersing yourself in Eau Claire’s creative energy.

“Whether you’re in town for business, pleasure, or a bit of both, The Lismore Hotel is your place to stay,” recommends Anthony of From Tent To Takeoff.

14.) WHAT?! Eat Authentic Thai Food in The Dairy State?

three white bowls filled with Thai food on wooden table
Spicy Thai food | UNSTOPPABLE Stacey photo

“I came to Wisconsin expecting lots of dairy products and corn-fed goodness,” confessed travel blogger Jenn Coleman. “The farm-to-table scene was as good as advertised, but I was surprised to find the best Thai food I’ve had in a long time.

“Hmong Americans are the largest Asian ethnic group in the US state of Wisconsin. They first came from Vietnam following the Communist takeover. From 1990 to 2000, the Hmong population in Wisconsin increased by 106% as immigration continued from refugee camps in Thailand, bringing delicious Thai cuisine with them,” the world traveler reveals.

Eating authentic Thai food is her pick for must-do things to do in Eau Claire WI.

“Everybody has their ‘favorite’ restaurant like Thai Orchid, Muang Thai, and Rice Palace. They’re so popular that they often sell out early and close for the day.

“I went to Thai Orchid, and it knocked my socks off, including a ‘medium’ heat that definitely wasn’t indexed on the American scale – lol! It was so good that I ate every bite and wanted more,” says Jenn, who blogs with her husband Ed Coleman, at ColemanConsierge.com.

15.) Wander River Prairie Park, One of the Unmissable Things To Do

A sculpture that looks something like a chrome pterodactyl stands spread eagle in a park with pavers and trees
The Mother of Dragons is one of the sculptures throughout River Prairie Park | Margarita Ibbott photo

“Though not technically in Eau Claire, River Prairie Park is in the adjacent town of Altoona. It is a large outdoor entertainment space with river walks, biking trails, playgrounds and even food trucks,” reports Margarita Ibbott, travel blogger.

“It has tons of play space to keep the kiddos happy, a splash pad and a chill stream to cool off in.

“Plus, they’ve got kayak access, so you can hit the water too. Oh, and don’t forget to look for The Mother of Dragons and The Woolly Rhino, two of the many sculptures throughout River Prairie Park,” the Canadian content creator adds.

“There are numerous watering holes and dining establishments, should you get thirsty or hungry. With outdoor seating, you can continue to listen to live concerts close to one of three amphitheaters. It’s a total blast!” says Margarita, who blogs at DownshiftingPRO.com.


16.) Connecting With Local Farmers and Alpacas Tops Things To Do in Eau Claire WI

close up of two alpacas - one black, one blonde, both with big eyes and furry mop heads
Feeding time at Justorian Alpaca Farm | Kathryn Roy photo
two alpacas graze on green Wisconsin grasses in a farm setting
Alpacas graze at Justorian Alpaca Farm | Kathryn Roy photo
Looking to connect with a local farmer? Consider visiting Justorian Alpaca Farm in Osseo, a scenic 30-minute drive from Eau Claire. 
“Nestled in the luscious green Wisconsin landscape,  the moment you step onto the farm, you find yourself surrounded by the serene sounds of vast farm fields,” describes travel writer Kathryn Roy. “The beautiful, open landscape provides an idyllic backdrop for the alpacas.

“As you stroll the farm, friendly owners Jerry and Wendy are there to answer any questions you have about their alpacas. They are very knowledgeable about the animals, and their passion for the farm is clear as their share insights into their gentle nature and the meticulous care they receive,” says Kathryn, who is passionate about eco-minded travel. No wonder she picked the alpaca farm tour for the top things to do in Eau Claire WI!
“You can also inquire about the opportunity to feed the alpacas on your visit. This first-hand interaction with these soft and endearing creatures offers an amazing opportunity to connect with these beautiful animals, a unique bonding experience with these gentle giants.
“Their expressive eyes and curious demeanor add an element of playfulness to the encounter,” notes the Outer Banks of North Carolina-based travel writer.
“Justorian Alpaca Farm also boasts a charming boutique where you can find various alpaca wool products, each a testament to the farm’s commitment to sustainability and craftsmanship.

“A visit to Justorian Alpaca Farm is a unique experience that will leave you with cherished memories of a day well spent in the Wisconsin countryside. If you can’t make it to the farm, they also have a shop in downtown Osseo,” adds Kathryn who blogs at StayingAfloatBlog.com.

17.) Things To Do in Eau Claire WI: Enjoy the Best Steakhouse

Privacy Curtains at Johnny's Italian Steakhouse | Robin O'Neal Smith photo

“Are you looking for a great steak dinner when visiting Eau Claire, Wisconsin?” asks travel writer Robin O’Neal Smith.

“Then check out Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse. This restaurant offers delicious, elevated fare and service that is sure to please even the pickiest of palates.

“The handcrafted menu at Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse consists of all your classic steakhouse favorites, such as dry-aged filet mignon (my favorite), char-broiled ribeye, and many additional steak entrees.

“They offer a variety of pasta dishes, from lobster mac and cheese to three-cheese ravioli. Seafood and chicken are also available. Whether you’re in the mood for a juicy steak, fresh seafood, or a pasta dish, you’ll find it all at Johnny’s,” Robin reveals.

“The atmosphere at Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse is one of old-world charm, with dark woods and elegant table curtains to provide privacy. The cozy dining room, with comfortable seating and warm lighting, makes dining at Johnny’s one of the best things to do in Eau Claire WI.

“If you’re looking for a top-notch steakhouse experience, look no further than Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse in Eau Claire. Enjoy delicious, carefully crafted dishes and signature cocktails in an inviting atmosphere for an unforgettable dining experience,” recommends the travel expert.

18.) Local Winery Is a Must-Visit for This Travel Blogger

two bottles of red colored wine sit on black and grey checked table cloth their labels display a map of WI and an 'infinity' symbol
Infinity Winery produces the US's only 100% mulberry wine | UNSTOPPABLE Stacey photo
wine glass 1/3 full sits next to wine bottle with colorful label that boasts a map of WI and the infinity symbol
Rainbow Rose is from the Proprietor's reserve | Lori Helke photo

“On my recent trip to Eau Claire, I visited Infinity Beverages, a local winery and distillery,” reports Lori Helke of LoriLovesAdventure.com

“Matthew Rick, the founder of Infinity Beverages, started experimenting with spirits at a young age. His passion led him to winemaking in college and later inspired him to leave his corporate job. In 2010, he turned his dream into reality, opening Infinity Beverages.

“The spacious tasting room had a welcoming ambiance and relaxed atmosphere, perfect for friendly gatherings and engaging conversation. There is also ample outdoor seating,” says the Wisconsin-based blogger.

“I was a little gobsmacked by the wine and drinks menu. So many choices! The friendly bartender recommended a semi-sweet wine, Rainbow Rosé,  which I enjoyed so much, I brought home a bottle.

“Besides wines, Infinity Beverages also produces house-made rum, vodka, and whiskey.

“In addition, the winery offers tours and tastings, group packages, and mezzanine rentals for events.

“I thoroughly enjoyed everything about Infinity Beverages, making it a must-visit next time I’m in Eau Claire!” revealed Lori. Infinity Beverages poured wine tastings at TBEX North America 2023 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

19.) Hip Things To Do in Eau Claire WI: Community Art at the Oxbow Hotel

1940s brick building modernized with mural of ox and red sun, new glass to ceiling patio of wood timbers sits as an addition in front making this one of the hip places to visit in Eau Claire WI - all framed by leafy green trees
The Oxbow Hotel is one of thehip things to do in Eau Claire WI | Charlotte Tom photo

“Located in downtown Eau Claire, Wisconsin, the Oxbow Hotel uniquely blends modern meets rustic vintage touches,” says blogger Charlee of Travel Charlee. “The property comprises two buildings: The Main House and The Flats, while a beautiful, woodsy patio connects to the Lakely Restaurant/Bar.  

“Built in 1947, this type of lodging came in an era when downtown Eau Claire was full of business and was perfect for quick overnight stays for traveling salesmen.

“In 1961, a motel/motor court-style building, now called The Flats, was built with an additional 16 rooms and parking,” the travel expert, who has been to 50 countries and over 200 destinations, shares.

Destination boutique hotel, restaurant/bar and event venue

“Fast forward to 2013, a group of like-minded locals in the community bought the property with the intent to create a destination boutique hotel, restaurant/bar and event venue.

“They brought their time and talents with quite the community collaboration, including aesthetic design, stage lighting, urban wood furniture, art program, hand-painted lettering, local maps and lit walls to adorn the property. This collaboration includes eight regional artists to create custom work that is screen printed, numbered and hand signed by the artist,” reports Charlee.

“Each guest room gets a modern-lodge vibe from furniture handcrafted of trees that grew right in the neighborhoods of Eau Claire.

“A few extras when you stay at the Oxbow Hotel is a record player with a selection of albums to choose from during your stay, and The Flats accommodations are dog-friendly!” the writer concludes about her pick for best things to do in Eau Claire WI.

20.) Affordable Things To Do in Eau Claire WI: Floating Down the 'Lazy' River

man in sunglasses and baseball cap on backwards smiles at camera while leaning back in an innertube on a river with bridge in background
John Johnston floats the Chippewa River in Eau Claire WI | Courtesy photo

“You can easily tube the Chippewa River by following these simple steps!” encourages John Johnston, world traveler and blogger at Bucket List Things.

“First, grab an affordable tube from Target or another similar store (only $10) and head to Hobb’s Landing on 10th Avenue near Highway 12 to park your car. Call a ride-sharing service like UBER to get to Phoenix Park. You can fill your tube at the air station next to the street.

“Once inflated, settle into your tube for a relaxing float. You can choose to go solo or make it a group adventure. For your safety, remember to wear a PFD [personal floatation device], even though the river is relatively narrow and not too deep,” advocates the adventurous blogger.

“As you drift along, keep an eye out for snags from sunken trees and steer clear of gravel bars that could cause you to get stuck.

“Your float will culminate back at Hobb’s Landing, where you can wade ashore and retrieve your car. Depending on the current, the float takes around 2-3 hours,” remarks the Canadian travel writer.

21.) Fly Fishing, One of the Chill Things To Do in Eau Claire WI

close up of colorful lures from a fly fishers bag of lures - orange, green and white feathers make fly fishing one of the best things to do in Eau Claire WI
Fly fishing lures | Photo by Lisa of the Hotflashpacker.com

“If you want to get out on the rivers around Eau Claire, you might try fly fishing,” suggests Lisa of TheHotFlashpacker.com.

“Your guide will take you out on rivers or trout streams such as the Eau Claire or Chippewa Rivers.  There may be options to do a half or full day and to wade (fly fishing by foot) or float (fly fishing from a boat). 

“I recommend fishing from the boat – a good way to see some scenery and wildlife – we saw many shore birds and a deer family on our float. 

“The guide will provide training, if necessary, and all the gear you need, such as rod, reel and lures,” she says. “Possible fish you may catch include smallmouth bass, northern pike, muskie and trout. 

“You must obtain a fishing license before fishing – you can find these online as well as at various retailers around the EC area,” the travel blogger suggests. 

“There are several private guides in the EC area, including Landon, who can be found @whiskeyriversflyfish on Instagram and Eau Claire Anglers,” she reports.

22.) Together Farms Burger Nights: High on The List of Things to Do in EC

Together Farms offers a full bar with an impressive selection of craft beer and a rotating slate of live musicians | Megan Bannister photo

“If you’re searching for a unique dining experience near Eau Claire, look no further than Together Farms,” endorses content creator Megan Bannister.

“Nestled amongst the rolling hills in nearby Mondovi, this charming family farm hosts weekly Burger Nights from May into October.

“The farm’s menu of creative specialty burgers features countless locally sourced ingredients and, of course, its 100 percent grass-fed and grass-finished beef,” says the publisher of Olio in Iowa, which focuses on unique travel destinations and the joys of road-tripping. 

“With food so good, it’s hard to imagine you might have leftovers. But if you do, guests are encouraged to feed scraps to the farm’s pigs.

“Besides delicious food, Together Farms offers a full bar with an impressive selection of craft beer, a rotating slate of live musicians performing, gorgeous rural scenery and more.

“So it comes as no surprise that in 2021 Together Farms’ Burger Night was voted the #1 Best Food Event by VolumeOne readers, and the event’s popularity has only continued to grow,” she says.

“Together Farms also recently added a farm store to their property where visitors can purchase their meat products as well as a wide variety of other locally sourced and Midwest-made foods, gifts and other items.,” concludes the professional travel blogger.

23.) Leinenkugel Brewery Tour is One of the Fun Things to do in Eau Claire, WI

tall archway has Leinenkugel logo on its iron top - red barn with white trim and Leinenkugel's painted on it brick brewery building in corner
Leinenkugel's Brewery tour is one of the things to do in Eau Claire WI | Adam Sterling photo

“Did you know Leinenkugel’s makes much more beer than Summer Shandy?” asks Adam Sterling of The Sterling Traveler.

“Affectionately called Leinie’s, the brewery produces a variety of nearly 15 beers! Jacob Leinenkugel started brewing beer in 1867, which makes it one of the oldest breweries in the United States.

“They even made a non-alcoholic beer during Prohibition that was sold with a packet of yeast (with a warning that adding the yeast would produce alcohol!)

“Today, the brewery is still operating at its original location in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin—only 20 minutes from Eau Claire. Visitors can tour the brewery and learn about Leinenkugel’s history and how they make beer from start to packaging.

“Afterward, you can try nearly any beer they make or try one of the beer drinks they can make by mixing two or three different beers. Brewery tours are $15 and include four-5-ounce samples of beer.

“I highly recommend the Berry Lemonade—half Berry Weiss & half Summer Shandy. No matter your preference, you’ll be able to find something you like. Even ‘the Original’ is flavorful yet easy to drink—unlike some mainstays of other historic breweries (no offense to them, of course),” concludes the Maryland travel blogger.

Conclusion: Things to Do in Eau Claire WI 

If you enjoyed this roundup of first-hand accounts of the best things to do in Eau Claire WI, then please leave a comment below.

Thanks to all the TBEXers who collaborated on this article of their favorite things to do in Eau Claire WI! 

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