US Air Eliminates Charge for Can of Soda as Ryan Air Charges to Go to the Can

white and navy Ryanair Boeing 737 in air with landing gear down at Leeds Bradford Airport
Michael Oldfield - Own work Ryanair Boeing 737-8AS EI-EBX at Leeds Bradford Airport | Michael Oldfield photo

February 27, 2009 — US Air announced earlier this month that they were rolling back charges for a can of soda. But today it was revealed that Ryanair, an Irish “no frills” airline, is considering putting a coin slot on the inflight lavatory doors. Passengers would have to spend a pound to ‘go to the can.’ One pound sterling is worth approximately $1.31.

“The airlines will hit you with a fee at one end or the other,” a disgruntled frequent flier noted. The toilet, called a loo in the UK, has until now been considered an in-flight necessity rather than a luxury.

This report was updated in November 2020, and I can’t see that this story developed. The suggested innovation  must have pooped out before it was instituted.

However, is should be noted that due to COVID-19 RyanAir passengers must ask permission to go to the loo. Here’s what their website says: “Queuing for toilets will also be prohibited on board although toilet access will be made available to individual passengers upon request.”

A much better idea, I think!


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