Fruit & Wine Basket Speaks the Love Language of Your Valentine

UPDATED March 5, 2024 — I was so excited when FedEx knocked on the door to get a signature for my Melissa’s Produce gift basket of Valentine’s delights. I needed to sign for the Valentine’s gift basket because an alluring adult beverage was part of the fruit and wine basket tucked inside. The box was so huge that the sweet FedEx guy asked if I needed help carrying it inside. I did! You won’t believe what was in the 14-pound carton! Get the link to the 15% discount at the bottom of the story.

Valentine's gift basket shipped right to your loved ones' doors

Huge cardboard shipping box sits at door step with colorful labels
Melissa's Produce gift basket is shipped right to your door – or the door of your Valentine | Photo by Barb Sherman Photography

Ever feel like a kid in a candy store? That’s how I felt opening that box—I wasn’t sure what it would contain, but I love surprises! As I carefully cut open the cardboard shipping carton, I held my breath to see what sort of Valentine pleasures would be inside. I hoped for rare exotic fruits, wine and other delicacies.

Inside the shipping box was a lovely fruit and wine basket wrapped in cellophane and tied up in a red bow. Perfect for Saint Valentine’s Day. 

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pinterest post with red text reading " Fruit & Wine Basket " red hearts and ribbon decorate the design

Red is the color of Saint Valentine's Day

Melissa's Produce 'A Dream Come True - Wine Gift Basket' is wrapped with a red ribbon | Photo by Barb Sherman Photography

So why is the color red associated with Saint Valentine’s Day? Besides being the color of passion, red is the color of Saint Valentine’s Day because over the ages, people have linked it to the heart and love. Further, St. Valentine, typically depicted in red garments, is the patron saint of engaged couples.

The color red is associated with Saint Valentine's Day | Photo by Sahand Babali on Unsplash

I set the red ribbon festooned basket of fruit delights on my counter to admire the packaging before I commenced unwrapping it. But the cellophane, mysteriously shrouded the contents, wouldn’t allow me quite to see what was inside the A Dream Come True – Wine Gift Basket.

Stylish fruit & wine basket is a romantic gift

Melissa's Produce Fruit & Wine Basket will impress your sweetie | Photo by Barb Sherman Photography

Once I took off the cellophane, I found that the Melissa’s Produce gift basket speaks the love language of your Valentine because of the variety of scrumptious fruits, assorted nuts and a bottle of California Pinot Noir that it holds. You need to know that inside the wrapped treasure, there is something that will please everyone. I couldn’t believe all that Melissa’s Produce packed into that fruit & wine basket. When I uncovered the sausage and water wafer crackers, I was inspired to use this exotic fruit basket to kick off a surprise romantic picnic.

Exotic fruit basket with wine and more

a box of crackers, bottle of Pinot Noir and package of salami sit next to Melissa's Produce gift basket
Besides exotic fruit, the Valentines gift basket comes with a bottle of Pinot Noir, salami and crackers—perfect for a surprise picnic with your honey | Photo by Barb Sherman

My Melissa’s Produce Valentine’s fruit basket came with all the fixings for a romantic picnic. A bottle of Pinot Noir Estate wine, a chub of Volpi Sopressata Salami, Carr’s Cracked Pepper Water Crackers, candy-covered almonds and a wide selection of sumptuous fruits perfect for Valentine’s Day.

As I continued to unpack my giant fruit and wine basket, I was ecstatic to discover passion fruit. For those of you who have been reading my stories, you know that I’m passionate about passion fruit. So, what makes passion fruit a popular fruit for lovers? Besides its name (the fruit was actually named for the Passion of Christ, not human desire, BTW), some say that passion fruit improves sexual function. According to WebMD:

Passion fruit also gives your body calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and folate. These help your kidneys, nerves, muscles, and heart rhythm in big ways.

Consequently, I had to create a Valentine’s passionfruit mousse for my darling.

What fruit is included in the fruit and wine basket

Passion fruit is one of the rare, exotic fruits included in the Melissa's Produce gift basket | Photo by Barb Sherman Photography

Besides my favorite passion fruit, other fruits included in my colossal fruit and wine basket were:

  • Dragon fruit,
  • Mangos,
  • Papayas,
  • Baby Bananas,
  • Pineapple,
  • Asian Pears and
  • Apples.

This Valentine’s surprise weighs in at almost 14 pounds!

What wine is included in the Valentine's gift basket

Exotic fruit basket with a romantic array of Valentine's treats | Photo by Barb Sherman Photography

The array of fruit depends on availability, of course.  The basket you order could contain other exotic fruits such as Feijoa, Kiwi, and Kumquats along with local favorites like Grapefruit, Oranges and Apples.

A carefully chosen Pinot Noir from California’s Sonoma Coast is placed into each A Dream Come True – Wine Gift Basket. I received a 2017 The Hilt Estate Pinot Noir with a critics score of 91, and that sells for $50-69. The smooth Pinot complimented the fruit with its chalky tannins.

How to order your Melissa's Produce gift basket

close up of fruit and bottle of 2017 The Hilt Estate Pinot Noir in Valentine's gift basket
Melissa's Produce gift basket will put a sparkle in your sweetheart’s eyes | Photo by Barb Sherman Photography

If you’re looking to put a sparkle in your sweetheart’s eyes this year, check out Melissa’s Produce romantic fruit baskets. The captivating fruit comes beautifully arranged and is sure to speak the love language of your beloved.

Order A Dream Come True – Wine Gift Basket from Melissa’s Produce, and they’ll ship your gift of love directly to your loved ones, which makes it perfect for a socially-distanced Valentine’s surprise. This amazing fruit and wine basket qualifies for free shipping.  Or check out the other gift items at Melissa’s Produce, your headquarters for delicious Valentine gift ideas.

Where to Buy Passion Fruit?

Passion fruit is a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, too!

My local grocery doesn’t sell fresh passion fruit, so I must order it from Melissa’s Produce. It always comes fresh and shipped right to my door!

You can order passion fruit from Melissa’s Produce on Amazon, too!

Amazon offers other unique passion fruit products like:

Pinterest pin that reads: "Speak their love language: Valentine's Gift Basket - put a sparkle in your sweetheart's eyes this year with Melissa's produce

As is common in the travel industry, UNSTOPPABLE Stacey was provided with a Melissa’s produce gift basket for the purpose of review. While it has not influenced this review, the Arizona travel writer believes in full disclosure of all potential conflicts of interest.

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