Walking the Via Francigena del Sud | Rome to Teano

Please enjoy some of my fave images from my pilgrimage while walking the Via Francigena del Sud. I’m writing from Teano, Italy now. The locals say that it is very unusual to have so much rain day after day. I say that it is quite challenging walking in so much rain.

Via Francigena del Sud starts in Rome

My monastery stay was close to the Colosseum
The Camino de Santiago association in Rome operates a pilgrim albergue
Sandro, hospitalero at Rome pilgrim hostel

Before I left home, I asked members of the Via Francigena Facebook forum where I might find hiking poles in Rome. One person suggested going to the Camino de Santiago pilgrim albergue. Many pilgrims end the northern portion of Via Francigena in Rome. And so leave their trekking sticks behind. (The poles can’t be taken in carry-on luggage.)

The challenge was finding the place. 

But when I found it, rang the bell, and SAndro let me in...there were the hiking poles
Sandro picked out the best for me...and I left a 20 Euro donation
Then it was off to view some sites ... I had no plan, just meandered around Rome

All Roads Lead to Rome, or in my case, Lead Away from Rome

The Romans built Via Appia for transportation to and from Rome to the south of Italy

Day Two in Rome, I searched for a stamp for my pilgrim credential from St Peter Basilica at Vatican City. They said it couldn’t be done — Sandro, Guisseppe and the friendly guide at the Vatican Opera. But I’d gotten stamps from Notre Dame and Sacre Coeur in Paris, Lourdes church and other prominent holy places. I was sure I could get it done. But more about that escapade later.

Needless to say, I walked from the Vatican to my monastery stay that day as the first part of my Vie Francigene pilgrimage. The next day I would walk from the Colesseum to the Appian Way.

The Appian Way Built in the First Century BC

The Via Appia south of Rome is one of the most beautiful walks in the world
My fave cappuccino so far
The Via Appia is taking me up high over mountains
...and under triumphal arches

Whereever you look in Italy, there is art to be found. In your morning coffee, on a bus bench or in the ancient walls of a medieval pilgrimage church.

Follow along as I continue my pilgrimage from Teano to, God willing, Bari, Italy, on the opposite coast.

Map of Vie Francigene del Sud

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10 thoughts on “Walking the Via Francigena del Sud | Rome to Teano”

    • That is so cool that we stayed in the same place in Rome. The sisters were so lovely…very hospitable. Any suggestions as where to stay after Monte Sant’Angelo? You walked much further than I plan to walk. I’ll pull up at Bari

        • No plans in the near future… but I will go as the Lor leads! Would love to get back to Bari! Loved the place I stayed, the owner and the staff. And San Nicolas! Have you walked south from BAri?

          • Hello again Stacey! I continued walking south from Bari to Santa Maria di Leuca with the Road to Rome 2021 group in 2021, and then repeated the one-week section from Bari to Brindisi in September 2022 with my father. If you decide to do that part, I recommend early spring or late autumn, even winter, as it can be extremely hot in summer – even in early September it was pretty tough walking in the heat!

          • Thanks for the tips on the best time to walk Via Francigena del Sud, Joanne! I just checked out airfare from Athens to Bari for May…

  1. What a wonderful Camino route Stacey and a true blessing to be able to experience it. Safe travels pilgrim and may God continue to watch over you.


    • Thanks for your prayers, John! It is truly amazing about the power of prayer in our everyday lives. He is surely watching over me on this ancient route in southern Italy


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