Best Guided Walking Tours of Europe and the US You’ll Love

May I suggest experiencing walking tours of Europe and the US as effective and enjoyable ways of acquainting yourself with the nuances of a city during short stays?

Participating in these downtown walking tours presents a marvelous chance not only to combat jet lag through physical movement but also to immerse oneself in the vibrant city streets.

US and Europe walking tours facilitate a swift orientation to unfamiliar urban environments, allowing you to absorb the local atmosphere and architecture.

Moreover, participating in one of the increasingly sought-after walking food tours can be a bonus to your guided experience. Such small group tours combine the joy of exploration with the pleasure of tasting local delicacies, providing a comprehensive sensory experience of the city’s culture and culinary offerings.

Below, I have outlined some of my top recommendations for downtown walking tours, which have offered my most enriching and memorable experiences.


This article will discuss the best-guided walking tours of Europe and the US.

You’ll learn why you should pre-book your downtown walking tours.

We’ll also discuss how US and Europe walking tours are suitable for relieving jetlag.

So then, you might want to schedule your tour the day of your arrival. Drop your bags at your hotel, and then get off on an adventure that will stretch your legs—and your mind!

You’ll also get convenient links to where you can book your downtown walking tours and walking food tours.

So let’s go!


Pinterest graphic with text: Walking tours of Europe and the US over photo of Devours Tour group standing in the plaza in Seville

Walking Tours Europe: Florence, Italy

6 people in a dark hall walk towards light coming from tall door, walking tours of Europe guide seems to stand at top of stairs
Florence, Italy | Photo by Jonathan Ansel Moy de Vitry on Unsplash

My favorite memories of Florence spring from an Original Florence Walking Tour years ago. The university student from North America gave our small group a comprehensive tour of all the breathtaking sites: Brunelleschi’s Dome, the Baptistery, Bell Tower, Gates of Paradise, Vasari’s Corridor, Piazza della Signoria, Ponte Vecchio and more.

She wove the fascinating history into the great sites and gave us tips about the best places to

  • taste gelato,
  • hear a Gregorian chant or
  • shop for colorful leather goods.

This tour helped me spread my wings in Florence … and fly away into the past. I always endorse this sort of walking tour for my friends traveling to Tuscany. And really, any walking tours Europe or US.

Downtown Walking Tours: Santa Fe, New Mexico

Young woman in cowboy hat walks dog on Canyon Road in Santa Fe
Canyon Road art community in Santa Fe, New Mexico | Santa Fe Tourism courtesy photo

Historic Walks of Santa Fe packs into a two-hour tour, much more than I could ever read in history books. Our knowledgeable guide sifted it all out and made Santa Fe’s stories come alive as we walked streets that have been trod since the 1600s.

Santa Fe, the oldest continuous capital city in the United States, has been under the rule of Spanish kings, Mexico, the US and even the Southern Confederacy.

Santa Fe’s downtown walking tours include walking food tours, tours of Santa Fe’s most beautiful and historic sites and architectural walking tours.

Cochin, Kerala, India

two men stand in river washing asian elephant lying in river

Book a tour with Travel Planners, an award-winning South Indian tour company, and you will get fabulous, customized city tours by knowledgeable local guides.

I loved the city tour of ancient Cochin, where we visited the St. Francis Church, the oldest church in India, reveled in 500-year-old Portuguese architecture, photographed cantilevered Chinese fishing nets during sunset and visited a 16th-century Synagogue in “Jew Town.” 

Booking a guided walking tour? Check out these useful services:


1.) Find the dream spot

Enhance your visit with Find the perfect accommodations that fit your lifestyle and budget.


  • Viator

2.) Plan your fun

Explore the best tour companies with Viator. Discover exciting tours and activities to make your trip memorable.


  • Discover Cars

3.) Rent a car

Discover the beauty at your own pace with Discover Cars. Rent a car and enjoy the freedom to explore the city and its surrounding areas.

Downtown Walking Tours: Pasadena, California

woman gestures to group of downtown walking tour clients on walking food tour
Old Pasadena Food Tasting Walking Tour owner | UNSTOPPABLE Stacey photo

Downtown Walking Tours: Pasadena, California – Experience the history, architecture and folklore of Pasadena, California, on the Old Pasadena Food Tasting Walking Tour.

California foodie guides will lead you through colorful alleys and secret thruways, where you’ll discover spectacular ethnic eateries.

I sampled delish cuisine as I learned about the fascinating California heritage of these ma and pa restaurants that I would never have discovered on my own.

Walking Tours Europe: Rome, Italy

cathedral in background has bluish dome and light stone facade, in foreground a blue river seems to lead towards it
St. Peter's Cathedral from Ponte Sant’Angelo in Rome | UNSTOPPABLE Stacey photo


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Downtown Walking Tours: Flagstaff, Arizona

black and white photo of downtown walking tours guide leading group across street
Tracking the paranormal in Flagstaff, AZ | Photo courtesy of Freaky Foot Tours

For the allure of experiencing something potentially supernatural, take a Freaky Foot Tours in historic downtown Flagstaff.

From a phantom hotel bellboy to the restless spirits of NAU students, you’ll learn stories that testify to Flagstaff’s haunted heritage during these engaging downtown walking tours. 


Walking Tours Europe: San Sebastian, Spain

Tuna and mild pickled chiles arranged on small plate of San Sebastian pinxtos (tapas). Side of crusty white bread.
Simple fare like the pictured tuna and pickled chiles, or more upmarket, Michelin-star options make San Sebastian a foodies' haven.

What better way to acclimate to the city with the most Michelin stars per meter (square foot) in the world than walking food tours? That’s precisely what I will do when I visit San Sebastian at the end of May.

Devours Tours is helping me understand the traditions of pintxos (Basque tapas) by introducing me to the families behind the pintxos bars that create seafood-forward delicacies.

The Europe walking tours company has top-notch local guides that unveil the culture of the place. I experienced one of their walking food tours in Seville, Spain. Get the inside scoop about Devours tours at my walking tours Europe story, Best Tapas in Seville.

Walking Tours Europe and US Conclusion

woman with red bag that reads: Devours stands in Seville street
Elena’s English was impeccable, and her sense of humor was quick

Book your US and Europe walking tours in advance so you can make the most of your time while you’re at your destination. And this year, with the summer Olympics in Paris, walking tours Europe may be booking up fast.

I use Viator, TripAdvisor, or Get Your Guide. They’ve always been reliable for me when it comes to downtown walking tours and walking food tours.

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We’ve secured exclusive UNSTOPPABLE travel discounts on select vacations and cruises. Our partners at Dunhill Travel Deals update the list almost daily! So be sure to check out today’s top travel deals.

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