Walking Via Francigena del Sud | Amazing Teano to Solopaca

Updated January 13, 2024–Please enjoy some of my fave images from my pilgrimage while walking Via Francigena del Sud.

I found the route from Teano to Solopaca, Italy, to be very challenging for the solo pilgrim. I recommend finding a buddy to walk with on this route.

Walking Via Francigena del Sud from Teano to Solopaca

Goat herder has been doing this for awhile, and still struggles to get up these steep hills
Walking glorious roads and paths
In the mountains, you'll need snow chains from November to April

Many instances along this part of walking Via Francigena del Sud, I felt like I’d been transported by a time machine back 100 years. It was an uncanny feeling, but that made this section very special.

In case anyone tells me to get a life, I can tell them, "been there, done that."
Sweet moments with the family I stayed with in SESSA AURUNCA
Another moment when I felt transported back in time. I think he has chestnuts in the sack.

My home away from home in Teano

two story high and long white farmhouse houses hotel for those Walking Via Francigena del Sud
I highly recommend IL Moro Bianco Via Cavone 6, 81057 Teano
middle-aged woman in hand-knot green wool cape smiles at camera while I am Walking Via Francigena del Sud
Innkeeper Anna Maria took very good care of me in Teano, Italy

Il Moro Bianco was my home away from home in Teano. Anna Maria washed all my clothes and did not charge me a penny. Or should I say ‘a Euro?’

Her husband was the one who spoke English, just a bit. But AnnaMaria and I communicated just fine.

Meeting the locals along the way helped make up for the lack of pilgrim community.

My room was spacious and comfortable, with a round table and two chairs.

Check your dates for Il Morro Bianco now

Since I spent about $40 on a fabulous lunch, I ate peanut butter on Italian bread for dinner in my room to balance my budget.

The upmarket restaurant, Locanda de Foris, was the only place in town open during lunchtime. Even so, there were no other guests in the eating establishment.

The carciofo in pasta croccante (artichoke in crunchy pastry) as my antipasti was divine.

My prime, the lasagnetta crema di fagioli polpettina e mozzarella with cream of beans, meatball and mozzarella was equally heaven-sent.

round dish with bowl in middle contains bean cream, 3 small meatballs and a sprig of basil
Lasagnetta crema di fagioli polpettina e mozzarella with cream of beans, meatball and mozzarella
Artichoke in crunchy pastry was recommended as my Antipasti

Surprise! My B&B was 5 km out of town and straight up a mountain

The church high above Roccaromana

I was pretty pooped out by the time I finally made it to Roccaromana. But I was surprised to find that the B&B with a Roccaromana address was really 5 km out of town and straight up the mountain in STATIGLIANO. There was a small bar (serving no food that night) next to the church on top of the hill. So I had vino rosso and potato chips for dinner.

You have to be flexible when walking Via Francigena del Sud.

The rainy walk into Alife went through agricultural lands and the mud was challenging

A pocket of sun followed me through the farmlands the next day, but the surrounding rain left its imprint on the country roads.

During this time of year mud makes Walking Via Francigena del Sud challenging.

B&B Del Duca is located in a medieval palace adjacent to the castello/castle

B&B Del Duca, located in a medieval structure on Via Roma 5, was a perfect place to stay in Faicchio while walking Via Francigena del Sud.

Trekking to Solopaca Seemed like a Never-ending Uphill Climb

The view from my balcony at Dimora Tammaro in Solopaca, Italy. I came from the town in the upper left corner of the image.

Trekking to Solopaca seemed like a never-ending uphill climb, but by the time I reached my accommodations for the night, I was on top of the world. The photo below is my antipasti course at Dimora Tammaro, which offered breakfast and dinner to its overnight guests.

Stay tuned for more pictures! I’ll be posting more stories of my spiritual adventure in the coming days.

See previous photos of walking Via Francigena del Sud at Walking the Via Francigena – Rome to Teano.

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My private balcony at B&B Del Duca

8 thoughts on “Walking Via Francigena del Sud | Amazing Teano to Solopaca”

    • Thanks so much, Diane. It was quite a challenging journey for me, and I appreciate the encouragement you gave me along the way!

  1. Stacey, sister, friend, pilgrim, your words and photographs are so heartfelt and real. Thank you for your transparency. I am so grateful for your adventurous spirit. You inspire and bless me! Becky

  2. Stacey I am late reading your blog about the pilgrimage in Italy because of our “adventure” with covid. Seeing the difficulties that you went through and how you cried out to God and trusted him is helping me to do the same right now. I am so glad you made it safely home. And I am looking forward to another Sunday lunch with you and our husband’s soon.

    • I was so sad to hear about your COVID adventure when Dan told me more yesterday. We are joining you in your cry out to God! Lord hear our prayers

  3. Lovely to read your posts. I walked the VF in two segments. Last year finished from Lausanne to Rome–solo walker too. Am thinking about the southern route for another year perhaps. You are an inspiration!!

    All the best,


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