Discovery Princess Cruise | Don’t Overlook These Hidden Secrets!

Following a weeklong gathering of travel writers onboard the Discovery Princess, I sought insights from 19 seasoned experts about their most intriguing finds during our voyage.

Here are 20 things the travel connoisseurs shared about the pleasant surprises or indulgences that you could easily overlook on your next cruise.

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1.) Mini Golf Hideaway on Discovery Princess

a putting green on top of a ship with the bulbous radar towers serving as traps, don't miss this Princess Discovery experience as the ship sails away from port
Mini Golf Hideaway on Discovery Princess | Kat Anderson photo

If you find yourself fortunate enough to be cruising on Princess Cruises’ flagship vessel, the Discovery, you’re in for a treat. This ship is stunning both inside and out.

And speaking of outside, I’m here to let you in on a fun secret with epic views.

When touring the Discovery Princess, be sure to make your way outside to the very top of the 17th deck. Not only is this the highest deck on the ship, but it’s also hiding a mini golf course.

This mini golf course is indeed mini, but its views are anything but. From up here, the views go as far as the eye can see. On a day at sea, you might even spot a whale or two.

Whether or not you play mini golf, I suggest heading up to Deck 17 to enjoy the views.

And while you’re up there, you might as well swing a club around. When else will you get the opportunity to play mini golf at sea overlooking the ocean?

Cruising is all about new and exciting experiences, and this is one you won’t want to miss.

Kathryn Anderson  |

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2.) The Unforgettable but Easily Missed '360' Food Adventure

The undisclosed 360 Experience is is a feast for the eyes, ears, nose and palate UNSTOPPABLE Stacey photo

If you’re sailing on the Discovery Princess or Enchanted Princess, book the not-to-be-missed fully immersive “360 Experience,” a dinner voyage showcasing the Mediterranean.

The spectacular hilltops of Santorini, Amalfi Coast, Barcelona and Provence. Peek into the memories of a fellow “everywoman” traveler who relives her adventures and the local connections made in each destination as her travel journal comes to life.

This is a feast for the eyes, ears, nose and palate where guests learn about local ingredients, artisans and passionate food purveyors through synchronized authentic storytelling, music, scents, cuisine and stunning filmed elements.

In two seatings nightly, the cloaked venue accommodates 20 diners surrounded by circular LED walls to place guests into the featured destinations using stunning 4K cinematography.

Journey through seven gourmet courses – each with a wine or spirits pairing – inspired by the stories of each destination.

As a former film festival director and current food and wine writer, I was literally “blown away” by this food adventure!

“360 is a fusion of master storytelling, world-class cuisine, visual entertainment and ground-breaking technology that manifests in what can only be described as an Extraordinary Experience,” says Princess President John Padgett. “360 is a remarkable adventure that immerses our guests into the compelling cultures and flavors of the Mediterranean in a 90-minute celebration of the senses.”

Michele D. Baker  |

3.) Don’t Miss This Terrifying (For Me) Discovery Princess Skywalk Over the Sea

When I captured this image from my Discovery Princess Deluxe Balcony Cabin, there was something I didn’t know.

I didn’t understand what the blue lights on the deck above were. The beautiful radiance, I thought, came from the bridge. But no! (Adrienne will share about the Princess Discovery Bridge Tour with you a bit later.)

It wasn’t until almost our final day of sailing, when I accidentally stumbled upon the SeaWalk® on Deck 16—the Lido Deck—that I learned what the blue glow truly was.

The azure color I could see from my balcony came from the SeaWalk®, a scary 60-foot / 18.3-m long glass walkway cantilevered 28 feet / 8.5 m beyond the ship’s edge.

You can access the scary skywalks outside the SeaView Bar on the port or starboard.

I’m afraid of heights, so even though I took a video as I walked beside the sea-through path, I couldn’t force myself to trod on the glass 128 feet above the waves.

Yikes! Don’t miss it!

Stacey Wittig  |
womn in long flowy dress holds hand of man dressed in black as they look down to the ocean through a glass pathway on the deck of a ship
Couple on Seawalk that hangs over the ocean | Princess Cruise courtesy photo

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4.) Cruise Lines Rarely Offer Bridge Tours, But It Doesn't Hurt to Ask

handsome young man in white uniform with navy and gold bars on shoulders looks over his shoulder at camera while sitting in the captain's chair on this Discovery Princess cruise ship bridge
Princess Cruise Bridge tours can be fun and informative | Princes Cruise photo

I jumped at the chance to join a small group tour of the bridge on Discovery Princess. In case you’re wondering, the bridge is no ordinary wheelhouse. The technology-rich, spacious “command center” relies on a small joystick to steer the vessel. In truth, though, sophisticated systems allow navigators to set preprogrammed courses.

Multiple displays confirm that the ship remains “on track!” Integrated technology employs GPS, radar, electronic charts, closed circuit TV and a wealth of “real-time” data on numerous screens, in addition to worldwide satellite communication.

Still, the ship doesn’t run itself! A bridge team, including a ranking Senior Officer, a Third Officer, and two lookouts, stands four-hour watches around the clock. Floor-to-ceiling windows offer superb visibility in all directions.

Both the Captain and Staff Captain join the bridge team for port arrivals and departures, and a pilot may come aboard to provide local knowledge. Port and starboard wing stations offer flexibility for maneuvering during berthing, and the ship’s Captain is always in control.

Technology aboard this modern cruise ship is impressive, to be sure, but the knowledge and dedication displayed by the ship’s officers are equally awe-inspiring.

Check with Discovery Princess guest services desk to see if a bridge tour is available!

Adrienne Cohen  |  GoodFoodandFarawayPlaces
red velvet rope separates viewer from control room with floor to ceiling glass and Discovery Princess officers sitting at electronic counsels
Floor-to-ceiling windows offer superb visibility in all directions | Photo by Adrienne Cohen


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5.) Private Luxury Whiskey Tasting

a crystal rectangular cuboid is 2/3 full of amber colored liquid, a high-end whiskey now available on Princess Discovery
The Macklowe American Single Malt Whiskey (Kentucky Edition) | Jo Clark photo

Fellow travel writer Jo Clark says her recent whiskey tasting was like slipping into a speakeasy! She relates the story here.

During my Discovery Princess cruise, I tasted The Macklowe American Single Malt Whiskey (Kentucky Edition), now available on Discovery Princess. Ssssshhhh! It may still be a secret!

The official announcement of this partnership hasn’t been made. But I’m just sayin’—on your next cruise, keep your eyes on the bartender!

I’m a Southern, no stranger to bourbon or whiskey, and an admitted wine lover.

Since there are flavor profile similarities between whiskey and wine, appreciation for these two beverages fits together like a hand in a glove.

The brainchild of whiskey aficionado Julie MackloweThe Macklowe is liquid gold pouring out of the Kentucky hills. The whiskey ingredients are sourced in Kentucky and made in small batches, then barrel-aged for 44 months before its limited release.

The truth about American Single Malt Whiskey is if it were distilled in Scotland, it would be called Scotch!

The Macklowe doesn’t come cheap, but it sure goes down smooth!

Julie Macklowe is one of only 200 Whiskey Ambassadors in the world and earned her certificate with a perfect test score.

Jo Clark  |

6.) Really? Watch Football Under the Stars on Discovery Princess?

Watching the Kansas City Chiefs on Deck 16 | Sherry Spitsnaugle photo

Cool evening air called for a fleece blanket as I kicked back on a lounge chair on Deck 16 of Discovery Princess and cheered the Kansas City Chiefs.

The opening reception of the conference at sea I was attending had just wrapped. A couple of colleagues invited me for dinner, but I confessed my plans and politely declined. Hey, it was Sunday Night Football.

Princess Cruises offers Movies Under the Stars (and sports events) on a 300-square-foot LED screen so fans can get their fix while cruising. Some Princess ships even offer tailgate parties. Soccer fans will be thrilled to learn that select ships in the Princess fleet will show all games of the FIFA World Cup.

This was my first time watching a football game on a screen outside, but I loved being under the stars with fellow cruisers and football followers.

I sat near the main pool where a couple of kids, oblivious to the game, splashed me as they hopped in and out. But I didn’t care. IPA and a slice of pizza in hand, I was in the zone. Game on.

Sherry Spitsnaugle  |  @sherryspitsnaugle

7.) Navigate Tech Troubles with Discovery Princess IT Heroes!

Julie Kendall and Daniella from Serbia (L-R) get wifi up and running on Julie's phone | Photo by Scott Kendall

When we were having issues with our wifi connection onboard the Discovery Princess, my first instinct was to go to the Internet Café on Deck 5 for help. However, we were on Deck 7 next to the Princess Live Theater getting a hot tea, and I asked a young lady dressed in a Discovery Princess uniform where we could get help connecting our devices to the ship’s wifi.

She smiled and said, “I would be happy to help you with that.”

And so started our love affair with Daniella, a bright and beautiful young lady from Serbia. Daniella took care of connecting our phones as well as our laptops and also took care of some administrative issues on our account. She also assisted us with another IT issue we had the next day.

So, if you find yourself in need of IT help, head to the kiosk by the Princess Live Theater, and one of the friendly staff will be happy to help you. If it happens to be a smiling Daniella from Serbia, tell her Julie and Scott said hello.

Scott Kendall  |

8.) Join the Quacky Quest: Uncover Hidden Rubber Ducks Aboard Discovery Princess

photo of indoor planter full of indoor plants on Discovery Princess cruise
Is there a rubber duck hidden there? | Dannelle Gay photo

Hiding little rubber ducks on cruise ships has become a delightful, albeit quirky, tradition among cruise enthusiasts. But why do they do it? Well, it’s all about spreading joy and creating a sense of community onboard.

Imagine the excitement of finding a tiny, whimsical duck tucked away in unexpected places aboard the Discovery Princess—it’s like a nautical treasure hunt!

However, there are some unwritten rules in the rubber duck hunting game.

First, let’s talk about where NOT to hide them. It’s essential to avoid stashing ducks in stores, near emergency equipment, or anywhere they could potentially blow off the ship and pollute the pristine waters. We’re all about fun, not harm!

Now, where should you hide or hunt for these charming ducks?

Elevators are prime real estate, often adorned with ducks peeking from ledges. You might spot them among potted plants, near stacks of fresh towels for pool-goers, or even on stairwells.

The goal is to surprise and delight fellow Discovery Princess passengers, so get creative!

Just remember, the joy of finding a rubber duck is contagious, and it’s all part of the unique cruise experience. So, keep your eyes peeled, and happy duck hunting!

Dannelle Gay  |

9.) Indulge in Room Service on the Discovery Princess

montage of 2 photos: the first with a breakfast order door hanger on the nob of a Discovery Princess cabin door, and the second of a tray of breakfast itesms: orange juice, tea, grapefruit half and almond croissant lit by the morning sun
Room service breakfast on the Discovery Princess | Rose Palmer photo

One of my favorite cruising indulgences is to get room service breakfast delivered to my cabin.

Ordering breakfast on the Discovery Princess is very easy. Fill out the breakfast request card in your room with your desired choices.

Note that you can also write in items not on the list. Also, indicate what time you want breakfast delivered. Finally, hang the paper on the doorknob outside your cabin door before you go to bed at night. Then, the next morning at the appointed hour, your breakfast order will be brought to your cabin, and you can enjoy!

There is no charge for ordering breakfast using the doorknob card. Depending on the type of cruise package booked, there may be a charge for ordering room service.

For guests with a Princess Plus or a Princess Premier package, there is no charge for any delivery, either through the app or by phone.

For guests booked with a standard fare, there is a one-time $14.99 charge per cruise for room service or Ocean Now delivery through the app and a $5 room service fee for each order placed over a stateroom phone.

Rose Palmer  |

10.) Discovery Princess: Tips for Navigating the Ship

At 145,000 gross tons and a 3,660-passenger capacity, Discovery Princess is the largest ship in Princess’s fleet. So, unless you’re out for some additional exercise, it pays to know how to get where you want to go.

One of the most important things is finding your stateroom. Honestly, this wasn’t intuitive when I boarded the ship. My room was an even number on the Aloha deck, and off I went.

While the entrance to the passageway indicates even or odd numbers, my brain didn’t register that. I looked at which direction my room number was and set off.

After proceeding up and down the passageway several times, I asked aloud, “Where in the heck is A336?”

A passerby heard my question and mentioned this passage had odd-numbered cabins only.

stern of large, modern cruise ship docked next to sitting area with palm trees
Discovery Princess is the largest ship in the fleet | Amy Piper photo

I moved to the even-numbered passageway and then finding the room was a cinch.

I subsequently discovered that on a ship, the central corridor where elevators are located is similar to the hall found in a hotel. When you go down one side of the vessel, you have even-numbered rooms, while the odd-numbered rooms are on the other. Once you understand this orientation, it makes sense.

This arrangement is typical when cruising, so as you enter the port or starboard side, note if the staterooms in that passage are even or odd.

It will save you additional running or prevent you from being late.

Amy Piper  |  Follow The Piper

11.) Discovery Princess Medallion Woes: What To Do When Locked Out?

We all have experienced a time when we have locked ourselves out of the house. We rush to get out the door and forget our house key.

This scenario can happen on a cruise, as it did for me on the Princess Discovery. I changed for dinner and walked out of the stateroom, leaving, rather than a key, my Medallion inside the cabin.

It did not occur to me until the middle of dinner. I did not want to climb seven flights of stairs to discover my room steward could not be found. So then, what to do?

Your best bet when this happens is to head over to Guest Services, which in this case was on Deck 5.

They will immediately send someone up to your room to open your door.

It might take a few minutes once you get back to your stateroom, but in my case, the staff came to my rescue.

Cori Solomon  |  The Written Palette

12.) Don't Miss This on Your Next Discovery Princess Cruise: The Enclave

a large hydrotherapy pool with a cascading rain shower and powerful water jets on the outer edges
The Enclave in the Lotus Spa | Princess courtesy photo

The thermal suite, called The Enclave, is a sweet spot tucked away in the Lotus Spa on Deck 5. A private retreat for adults, it quickly became my favorite daily hideaway.

The centerpiece is a large hydrotherapy pool with a cascading rain shower and powerful water jets on the outer edges that are so good at loosening knots in the muscles that I didn’t want to get out.

Eventually, though, I was always enticed to slip into one of the gentle “sensory showers” located just outside the pool, or duck into the dry sauna or one of the two steam baths.

I particularly enjoyed the Roman-style steam chamber called the Caldarium—although the cistern-like pods that emitted the steam reminded me of the movie Alien (but not enough to stop me from using it!).

Princess only sells a limited number of memberships per sailing to The Enclave, so it was never overly crowded, and I’m convinced that the healing waters were the reason I slept so well at sea.

Ultimately, I found the cost of $149 for the six-day cruise was a self-indulgent but guilt-free purchase thanks to the daily stress relief and camaraderie I found there!

Nancy Monson  |  @NancyMonson

Now that Nancy revealed her favorite things about The Enclave let’s see what blogger Tina Walsh liked best about The Enclave …

13.) The Enclave: A World of Tranquility

white features frame dark room open on the viewer's side with bed or sitting area and spectacular star-like lighting fixture above
Turkish Hammam, The Enclave at the Lotus Spa | Princess Cruises courtesy photo

One of my husband’s favorite experiences aboard the Discovery Princess was The Enclave. Located in the center of the Lotus Spa, the quiet haven is dedicated to well-being. The Enclave experience takes relaxation and rejuvenation to new levels.

The main attraction of The Enclave at the Lotus Spa is the thermal suites inspired by ancient Turkish and Roman bathhouses. These serene spaces are designed to enhance your well-being through therapeutic heat and water therapies.

Relax on heated stone beds, detoxify in saunas and steam rooms or indulge in the sensory pleasures of aromatic showers. You can choose the calming warmth of the Caldarium or the invigorating aromatic steam of the Hammam. My husband visited the Hamman each day after returning from shore excursions.

Another highlight of The Enclave is the luxurious hydrotherapy pool. Immerse yourself in warm, bubbling waters and let muscle tension fade away. I am a huge fan of hydrotherapy pools, where the water temperature and pressure of the jets make soaking an outstanding experience.

Whether seeking healing properties of thermal therapies, revitalizing power of the hydrotherapy pool or simply serene space to unwind and relax, The Enclave provides a refuge for your mind, body and spirit while sailing on the Discovery Princess.

Tina Walsh  | 

14.) I Missed the Chance to Purchase Formal Photos | Here’s How To Avoid That Disappointment

Graphic of two photos, both with the same couple posing in formal attire Text reads: Formal Night Photos
Formal night photos from previous cruises | Montage by Robin O’Neal Smith

If you are like me and usually purchase at least one of the formal photos taken by the cruise photographers, you might want to pay attention to this, or you could miss out. (Like I did.)

When I cruised with Princess before COVID, photos were printed as 8x10s or 5x7s and displayed for viewing and purchase. Princess usually offered discounts if you bought multiples.

If you didn’t have time to select your photos during the cruise, they were still available for purchase online for 30 days or so. This is no longer an option. It seems you can only purchase the photos while onboard the ship.

Princess outsourced the photography to a third party, and they no longer print the photos to view. There is no display of physical products.

Now, you can view the images on the Medallion app or via desktop computer at their photo store on the ship. You can only purchase the photos while onboard the ship.

Once you leave the boat, the images are gone. There is no way to purchase post-cruise. (I learned this the hard way after our cruise on Discovery Princess.)

You could easily miss fantastic photos of you and your family on your next cruise if you don’t purchase while on the ship.

Robin O’Neal Smith  |

As a further bit of intel, BethEllen Clausen @organicwinetravel reports, “I tried to view and get my professional Princess photos the final morning at the final port of call and wasn’t able to.

You have to purchase them by the night before docking!”

15.) Discovery Princess: Keeping Fit With Trending Workouts

photo of wall in fitness center that lists logos of known brands
Discovery Princess fitness center collaborates with well-known brands | Janice Janice Sakata-Schultze photo

Maintaining an exercise routine while on a cruise might be more appealing if you know what’s available at the gym besides the usual weights and cardio equipment. Sometimes, it’s working out alone or among super-fit people that might keep well-intentioned cruisers away.

At Discovery Princess’ fitness center, I found a unique collaboration with well-known brands such as Stretch Lab, Yoga Six and Pure Barre. The classes are motivating, especially if indulgence in food and drink is inevitable.

The difficulty levels for the classes range from beginner to advanced, so everyone can find something that fits their schedule and fitness.

Guests need to register and pay a fee for these classes, which are charged to the cruise account. But what makes them enjoyable is having others working out together and an instructor for guidance.

It’s a fantastic way to stay focused, feel great and not feel guilty about enjoying that chocolate dessert and cocktails at dinner.

Janice Sakata-Schultze  |  The Sansei Traveler

16.) Indulge in Luxe: Snag a Cabana in The Sanctuary

glass of prosecco, cup of tea and plate of finger sandwiches sit on table with view of ocean behind
Afternoon tea at The Sanctuary | Photo by Julie Sulman

The Sanctuary, tucked away on Deck 18 on the Discovery Princess, offers an adults-only haven at sea. Imagine a spa-like atmosphere with plush lounge chairs where you can sip cocktails and gaze upon open seas. For an additional fee, guests can book access for a half or full day.

My friend Michele and I booked a half-day cabana and reserved our spot facing the ship’s bow. The cabanas included two lounge chairs, a comfy couch, a chair, and a TV with a headset. Two fluffy robes and slippers waited for us.

Our cabana included a welcome cocktail and a bottle of wine or favorite spirits. You can’t go wrong with a bottle of Prosecco to share at sea! We also had a selection of fresh fruit and a mini refrigerator with soft drinks and water.

After checking in, we were pleasantly surprised to discover that afternoon tea service to guests in the Sanctuary. And the tea service comes to you! The staff brought trays of delicate finger sandwiches and pastries to nibble, including warm scones with clotted cream and jam.

If you enjoy afternoon tea, the Sanctuary may be that hidden destination to enjoy on your Discovery Princess journey.

Julie Suman  |

Now that we’ve discovered the tranquil respite near the ship’s bow, let’s explore another adults-only pool where you can revel in the sight of the Discovery Princess’ majestic wake.

17.) The Little-Known Wake View Pool for Relaxed Vibe

Wake View Pool on Princess Discovery | Lori Sweet photo

If you are looking for a quieter space with gorgeous views or prefer a more peaceful pool area, then the Wake View Pool on Deck 16 (Lido Deck) on Princess Cruises Line’s Discovery Princess is for you.

Located at the back of the ship (aft), this aptly named small adult-only infinity pool and sun deck is a real gem. The plexiglass railing gives you an almost uninterrupted view of the ocean.

Unless you know where it is, you might not find it until you stumble upon the pool while wandering around the ship.

There are plenty of loungers and towels available. There are open spaces for sunbathing, covered spaces for shade, tables for eating or reading and even an area with couches. 

In the evening, people bring cards, board games or a book to enjoy being outside in a quieter area.

The Wake View Pool has a bar for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and a regular coffee, tea and hot chocolate station.

The best part of the Wake View Pool is the views. You can see the ocean stretching out behind you.

Lori Sweet and Sylvio Roy  |

And since we’re talking about ‘wakes,’ check out the Discovery Princess wake in this next photo…

18.) FREE Laundry Service with Princess Captain's Circle Loyalty Program

dreamy aerial view of cruise ship's stern and white wake behind the ship
Discovery Princess courtesy photo

Since it’s been eons since my last cruise (the IFWTWA Conference at Sea in 2011), I had to review the benefits I received as a Princess Captain’s Circle loyalty member.

Returning passengers get benefits based on how many Princess cruises they’ve enjoyed. I was excited to see that complimentary laundry services were part of the deal!

First, check with Princess for your loyalty tier and then access your perks here.

Stacey Wittig  |

Now that we’re nearing the end of our story, so too, you could be near the end of your cruise. For a special farewell dinner, don’t overlook the next tip!

19.) Secure Your Seat at the Coveted Caymus Winemaker Dinner

For a luxurious farewell night of dining aboard the Discovery Princess, I was invited to attend the Caymus Vineyards Winemaker Dinner.

We gathered in the lounge out front, enjoyed a pre-dinner cocktail (my first ever topped with red wine!), and then were theatrically marched into the dining room, greeted by what seemed like the entire staff.

The meal was a five-course feast, each paired with a wine handpicked by Chuck Wagner.

Many are familiar with the Caymus Napa Valley Cabernet, a luxury wine first crafted by Chuck and his parents in 1972. It is now made ready to drink upon release and easily accessible to many who can afford it.

What are not as well known are newer labels, including Emmolo, The Grand Durif, and The Walking Fool, all named for a historic variety or familial ancestors.

The wines are made by Chuck’s daughter Jenny, some from the Suisun Valley (a stone’s throw from Napa), where I visited their new dramatically beautiful tasting room and winery on a trip from the ship the day before.

The dinner featured a rich Chardonnay from Mer Soleil Monterey County, made by Chuck’s son Charlie and Jenny’s Emmolo Sparkling Wine (Mèthode Tradicionnelle).

Crown Grill restaurants ($140)

BethEllen Fried-Clausen, L.Ac.  |

Before you head for home, here’s one last tip that is especially for our coffee lovers! Linda loved this so much that she developed a recipe once she got home.

20.) Don’t Miss International Café Bliss With a Zero-Alcohol Package

photo of the coffee bar menu on Discovery Princess

The Princess Zero-Alcohol Package is well worth considering as an add-on. It includes specialty coffees, teas, hot chocolate, fresh juice, smoothies, milkshakes, soft drinks and bottled water.

The cost is $29.99 daily (with an additional 18% service charge).

For java lovers like myself, the International Café on Deck 5 in the Piazza is not to be missed. The extensive menu offers all the popular coffee drinks, such as lattes, cappuccinos, flat whites and mochas.

I fell in love with the honey lavender latte, so when I arrived home, I had to re-create this delicious experience by devising the following recipe:

Honey Lavender Latte

1 to 2 shots brewed espresso coffee

2 Tbs. honey lavender simple syrup*

6 oz. whole milk (can substitute 2% milk or almond milk)

Pour honey lavender syrup into a large coffee cup; add espresso and stir. Place milk in an electric frother or heat milk and use a hand aerator to create froth. Gently pour milk over espresso using a spoon to hold back the foam, then add the foam last.

*Honey Lavender Simple Syrup

Place 3/4 cup water and 2 Tbs. culinary lavender (available at spice shops) in a saucepan. Bring to a boil and continue boiling for one minute. Remove from heat and immediately stir in 1/2 cup honey (this prevents crystallization). Steep for one hour; strain through a fine mesh sieve into glass jar. Store in refrigerator for up to 3 weeks.

Linda Stewart  |

Conclusion: Don't Overlook These Hidden Secrets on Your Next Discovery Princess Cruise

We hope that you enjoyed our story about all the pleasant surprises or indulgences that you could easily overlook on your next cruise.

Check out these Pacific Coast cruises similar to this Princess Cruise from Vancouver to Los Angeles.

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Did we miss one of your favorite little-known sweet spots on Discovery Princess? Then please share it in the comments!

As is common in the travel industry, UNSTOPPABLE Stacey was provided with accommodations, meals, and other compensation for the purpose of review. While it has not influenced this review, the Arizona travel writer believes in full disclosure of all potential conflicts of interest.

In addition, this blog, UNSTOPPABLE Stacey Travel, contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, she will earn a commission at no extra cost to you. These commissions help reduce the ever-increasing costs of keeping this travel blog active. Thanks for reading.

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  2. Really great tips! There is so much to do and explore onboard the Discovery Princess, that even though I was there I missed some. Guess I have to do another trip!
    By the way, I tried to view and get my professional Princess photos the final morning at the final port of call, and wasn’t able to. Have to purchase them by the night before docking!

    • Thanks so much, BethEllen! I just added your photo tip to Robin’s info on Discovery Princess formal photos. I, too, feel like I missed a lot after reading all these insider tips!

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  3. What a great review of the ship! It sounds like a great cruise to take and loved the mention of all these hidden gems that could easily be ignored. I love doing exercise classes onboard (especially if there is Zumba) and great that these classes are also rated on difficulty. I would probably love spending time in the Enclave after all the exercising! And all the food opportunities! The big reward after exercising! The whisky tasting is lost to me but I know my husband would appreciate it! And the list goes on . . . Hmmmm . . . A cruise that we might have to look into taking!

    • Thanks so much for your kind words, Mary Ann! I’m glad you found the article about Discovery Princess beneficial! Let us know how your cruise went and what you discovered!

    • Thanks so much for being part of the collab, Robin! You saved me time because I was going to order my photos AFTER the cruise, too. Disappointing we can’t order photos afterwards.

  4. Thanks Stacey for pulling this post together. It was fun sharing one of my little “secrets” from sailing on the beautiful Discovery Princess.

    • Thank you for contributing to the Princess Discovery collab post, Rose! I love all the photos you captured aboard! Hope our paths cross again soon!

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