Gordon Lightfoot retweets article written by UNSTOPPABLE Stacey

Link to Wittig article ‘7 Places Immortalized by Gordon Lightfoot’ Retweeted by Singer

Singer songwriter Gordon Lightfoot retweeted a link to “7 Places Immortalized by Gordon Lightfoot,” an article written by Stacey Wittig aka UNSTOPPABLE Stacey. The travel piece was published by Travel+Escape, Canada’s TV Travel Channel. Gordon Lightfoot travel songs inspired young Stacey to travel in the 70s.


Lightfoot’s music inspired young UNSTOPPABLE Stacey to travel

“Gordon Lightfoot’s music inspired me to travel at a young age,” explained Wittig, a longtime fan of the Canadian balladeer. “I hitchhiked across parts of Canada as a high school student which started the journey to a travel writing career.” The ‘vagabond’ in Wittig’s previous pen name, “Vagabonding Lulu,” comes from the pictures the songwriter paints of the lonely, homesick wayfarer. UNSTOPPABLE Stacey sang Gordon Lightfoot travel songs while thumbing for rides along the Trans-Canadian Highway in the 1970s.

Accolades from Tourism Toronto

“Nice piece!” tweeted Tourism Toronto in a separate Twitter post about the T+E article written by Stacey Wittig.

Nice piece! @TravelandEscape 7 Places Immortalized by Gordon Lightfoot Ballads: http://t.co/b5NJ4kcmDC @travelwriter @Lightfoot365
— Tourism Toronto (@SeeTorontoNow) July 26, 2013

 Arizona travel writer Stacey Wittig’s travel article was published by Travel and Escape magazine in 2013. She covered the “Outdoor Adventure” beat and her work and photos were published four times per month for about thirty months.

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