Traveling to Morocco Tips and Advice 2023

Looking for Morocco tips and savvy trip advice? In this article, travel experts share their best Morocco tips. So pack your bags–this is exactly what you need to know!

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After posting on Facebook that I’ll be journeying through Morocco this month, I got many travel tips. One of the first Morocco tips was, “If you use a pillow, be sure to take a pillowcase. The pillows in Morocco are something (NOT) to be experienced!”

Bonnie Feather also advised using bug repellent on the feet and legs. That reminded me of the fleas that loved me on a camel ride in Egypt years ago. So I dug out some Picaridin insect repellant left over from my Wisconsin pilgrimage. Here are nine more ‘must knows’ before you go to Morocco:

Morocco Tip #1: Don’t Drink the Camel’s Milk

a woman in broad-rimmed sun hat stands next to a sign with a picture of a robed Berber milking a camel and words "La lait de chamelles"
Tracy Pawelski, Morocco tips contributor, is intrigued by roadside attraction, but wait til you hear what happened next

“A highlight of our Morocco trip was a two-hour sunset camel ride across the dunes to a Berber Camp in the Erg Chebbi desert,” shares book author Tracy Pawelski.

“My friend and I had just said goodbye to our camels and Berber shepherd when we passed a sign along the road of a camel being milked. A camel being milked! I hadn’t thought of that! So, of course, we had to stop.

“In fact, we asked Ali, our driver, to turn around so that we could visit this dusty roadside market with a few stalls of camels in the back. When asked if I wanted to try it, I said—with excitement and exuberance—‘Well, sure!’ God bless my friend, Arlene, who was also all in for the experience.

“‘Down the hatch!’ we laughed as we touched our small glasses in a toast.

“I almost made it back to the States before my GI system went on high alert. But, unfortunately, poor Arlene wasn’t spared either. It took some serious antibiotics to kill the E. coli we had contracted from the raw camel milk.

“PSA to travelers: don’t miss the camel ride in the Erg Chebbi, but no need to drink like a local!”

Sunset camel rides and overnight tours that include camel rides can be booked before you leave home at Viator.

Morocco Tip #2: Expect to tip for photos

two people in yellow and orange turbans sit in sand with 3 camels laying down-dunes in the background in Morocco tips
Berber people at the dunes of Sahara Desert, Merzouga, Morocco | Photo by Tatiana Zanon on Unsplash

Travel writer Barbara Redding shares, “If you see a man and a camel by the side of the road, expect to tip the camel handler if you want a picture with him and his camel.

“In fact, expect to tip most people in Morocco if you want to take their picture. And always ask first—some consider this an invasion of privacy. Others are just shy!”

You can book camel experiences online at places like Viator, a Tripadvisor company.

Morocco Tip #3: Haggling in the market / souk

baskets filled with small coloful kitchenware are on a stand below a line up of yellow, red, blue and mustard-colored tagines or ceramic cooking pots displayed at souk, or market place in Morocco

“Once you sit down to tea with a carpet salesperson (almost always a man, but . . .), it’s challenging to escape without buying something,” warns Barbara Redding. “However, they are very persuasive, so be prepared to make a small purchase if you need to make a quick getaway. (I bought a lovely scarf in Chefchaouen that I didn’t need but still love.)

“You may think you are visiting a remote viewpoint or an abandoned ksar in the desert. But as soon as locals see a vehicle, you will be surrounded by children selling handmade camels, fossils and jewelry. Life is hard in the desert—be kind and generous.”

Morocco Tip #4: The Medina in Marrakech is a Maze

Professional photographer Joanna Kolan from London shoots the medina in Marrakesh

The medina in Marrakech is like a maze and it’s easy to get lost,” warns photographer and influencer Joanna Kolan.

“It’s better to ask shop owners for directions. There will be many boys everywhere who will want to accompany you but they will expect you to pay them for it.

“It’s also good to carry a few dirhams for tips as Morocco has a tipping culture,” she adds.

The professional photographer offers photography tips on Instagram such as: “Early morning was my favourite time of the day to take photos in the Medina of Marrakech. The streets were nearly deserted… Bathed in the soft light they had a unique visual appeal. I loved the various hues and shades of reds, oranges and pinks.”


Morocco Tip # 5: Must-see Spots in Marrakesh

young man holding hooka sits on rooftop bar surounded by pink lighting on the walls and cityscape behind
Veteran globetrotter Donnie Schumann flies +100K miles per year.

And while we’re on the topic of Marrakesh, Donnie Schumann, an American business consultant living in Morocco as the pandemic began shutting down the world, recently shared Morocco tips with me. (I told his story in a blog post entitled How COVID-19 Hobbled These Veteran Globetrotters.)

Donnie says: “I can do one better [than provide a few Morocco tips] and share this list of amazing recs from a friend who is a local!

“A few of my favorites:

“Enjoy!” the globetrotter says.

Morocco Tip #6: How to pack for Morocco

woman in baggy striped pants walks on tiled floor through white colonnade towards arched door
Visit Marrakech, Morocco, with culturally-appropriate clothing | Photo by emrecan arık on Unsplash

“There is no dress code in Morocco. You are not required to dress in one way or another,” advises Amanda, an American girl who married a Moroccan guy nearly 20 years ago.

“People that live in Morocco dress in a wide variety of ways and do not expect visitors to dress as they do. That being said, it is always a good idea to dress more modestly than you may at home.” Amanda shares from her first-hand experience. Read her packing list at

Morocco Tip #7: Money

Marrakech, Morocco | Photo by Paul Macallan on Unsplash

Jack Witt, Fitness and Health Coach and Active World Travel tour guide of my upcoming trip reports: “Morocco is mainly a cash-based society. Therefore, you should bring your debit card. Plenty of ATM machines are everywhere to withdraw local currency (dirham).

If you don’t have a debit card, bring USD cash to exchange for the local currency at Casablanca airport when you arrive. In bigger cities such as Casablanca and Marrakech, you may also use credit cards, but some places might require a pin number attached to them. You can have your bank create a pin number for any credit cards you bring.


Morocco Tip #8: Friendship gifts

Bonnie Feather (remember her from the beginning of this article?) adds, “When hiking, you may come across nomadic families. They seemed to appreciate cloth bags as hospitality/friendship gifts.

“They can use them to store things, and they last a long time. So some of your old grocery store carry bags might be welcome if you do that sort of thing.”

More Morocco tips: Check out guided Atlas Mountain hiking at respected online vendors like Viator.

three hikers in modern western hiking attire follow a sketchy path towards snow-capped mountains in Morocco tips
Hiking the Atlas Mountains | Photo by Med EDDARAMI on Unsplash

Morocco Tip #9: Fridays are Holy Days

“Fridays are considered a holy day for Muslims, so on Friday, you’ll find that the souks might be a little quieter and that the operating hours of certain shops might vary.

“A lot of visitors get scared that everything will be closed on Fridays, but for us, this wasn’t the case,” says travel blogger Christina of Happy to Wander.

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